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Russian singer from New York Sergei Pobedinski video

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Valeriy Zhmud, Sergei Pobedinski part 1

Valeriy Zhmud, Sergei Pobedinski part 2

Sergei Pobedinski TV interview, part 1
, 1

Sergei Pobedinski TV interview, part 2
, 2

Sergei Pobedinski TV interview, part 3
, 3

Dorogoi Dlinnoyu/Gypsy Fun Trio

Romale/Gypsy Fun Trio

Carpathian Mosaic/Gypsy Fun Trio

Ekh, Raz/Gypsy Fun Trio

Ochi Cherniye/Dark Eyes/Gypsy Fun Trio

Na Sem' Zamkov/Gypsy Fun Trio

Argentinian Waltz/Gypsy Fun Trio

Gypsy show at Anna Anisimovas Wedding, Waldorf Astoria, New York City, November 21st, 2010

Photos from performance during the lavish wedding of the New Yorks first Russian-American princess, the Russian-American Paris Hilton. Anna Anisimova and Peter Schafer got married at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel. It was such a beautiful wedding the cocktail hour was lavish, the caviar was never-ending, the ballroom was re-carpeted in white with the most unreal flowers it looked like a fantasy world! Cast of performers: Sergei Pobedinski, Valery Zhmud, Alexandre Tseytlin, Alexey Efimenko, Victor Danilochkin, Alexander Rudoy, Alexey Maltsev, Mikhail Nesterenko, Anna Brovkina, Natia Rtveliashvili Mangan, and Olga Chpitalnaia.

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