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Quality Russian traditional music for motion pictures, Russian dance companies, television shows, videogames and other interactive media.

Our music has been used in TV Shows "So You Think You Can Dance", "Superstars of Dance", and by ensemble Barynya, the biggest and the best Russian dance and music company outside of Russia (view videos below).

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001. Na Kazanke.mp3
002. Masha.mp3
003. Gorenka.mp3
004. Zhuravel.mp3
005. Winter Games.mp3
006. Kadril.mp3
007. Russian Quadrille.mp3
008. Cossack Dance.mp3
009. Varen'ka.mp3
010. Canary.mp3
011. Kamarinskaya.mp3
012. Vanushka.mp3
013. Man from Kamarino village.mp3
014. Kumushki.mp3
015. Stradanya.mp3
016. Lavochka.mp3
017. Matreshki.mp3
018. Komarinsky Muzhik.mp3
019. Poidu l da vyidu l ya da.mp3
020. Pereplyas.mp3
021. Pol'ka.mp3
022. Khorovodnaya.mp3
023. Postuchalochki.mp3
024. Prohodka.mp3
025. Vasilek.mp3
026. Russian Souvenir.mp3
027. Semenovna.mp3
028. Russian Dance.mp3
029. Chastushki.mp3
030. Vinovaty.mp3
031. Horovod.mp3
032. Chastushka.mp3
033. Cossack Dance.mp3

TV Show "Superstars of Dance", NBC, January 2009

034. Kalina.mp3
035. Dance with the balalaika.mp3
036. The Small Field.mp3
037. Dance with Taburetka (Russian chair).mp3
038. Taburetki.mp3
039. Gopak.mp3

Ensemble Barynya, "Hopak", May 2009

040. Gusyni.mp3
041. Udorskaya.mp3
042. Russian Winter.mp3
043. Kalinka.mp3

Jeanine and Phillip "Kalinka", FOX, 2009

044. Daniel Cooper.mp3

Ensemble Barynya, "Daniel Cooper", May 2009

045. Ladushki.mp3
046. Matanya.mp3
047. Dance of Russian Sailors.mp3

Ensemble Barynya, "Dance of Russian Sailors", May 2009

048. Metelitsa.mp3

Ensemble Barynya, "Metelitsa", May 2009

049. Nalimovskiy Rozhok.mp3
050. Balalaika.mp3

Russian music lyrics and translations, Russian music instruments: balalaika, domra, bayan, garmoshka and gusli, folk songs lyrics and translations, balalaika orchestras, folk music ensembles and Wedding Bands, Russian singers directory, free Russian Polyphonic Ringtones and Russian traditional music MP3 Downloads

Music and Song of Old Russia and the Russian Diaspora

Music and Song of Old Russia and the Russian Diaspora. Legends of Russian immigration: Pyotr Lescenko, Russian Gypsy chanson performer Alyosha Dimitrievich, Russian Gypsy singer Zhenya Shevchenko, singer Gari Nova and Russian balalaika band "The Balalaika Russe", Bibs Ekkel and his group "Tziganka", singer Nikolai Massenkoff and other performers of Russian and Gypsy music ourside of Russia... read more

Russian singer Pyotr Leshchenko

Pyotr Leshchenko Russian singer Pyotr Leshchenko - "The King of Russian Tango" - was born on June 14, 1898 a citizen of the Russian Empire in village Isaeva. His father was a clerk, mother - illiterate. During the First World War, his mother and stepfather moved to Kishinev (now part of Moldavia) which was later annexed by Romania. As a result Leshchenko has been claimed as a national by Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. He sang almost exclusively in the Russian language. In his early childhood he sang in a church choir and learned how to play the balalaika and the guitar... read more, download mp3

Russian songs lyrics and translations

Russian songs lyrics, translations into english of Russian folk songs into english, Russian folk songs texts, Gypsy romances, couplets and lymerics (chastushki), Cossack and Ukrainin traditional songs, texts to Russian dances, popular Russian standarts.

Text: M. Issakowski, Music: M. Blanter

Apples and pears were blossomin
Mist on the river floating
On the bank katyusha stepped out
On the high steep bank.

Stepped out, started a song
About one grey steppe eagle
About her loved one
Whose letters she cherished.

Oh song, maiden's song
Fly towards the clear sun
And to the warrior on a far away border
Bring katysha's greeting.

may he remember this simple maiden
and hear her signing
may he save our motherland
and love, katyusha will save
Расцветали яблони и груши, 
Поплыли туманы над рекой; 
Выходила на берег Катюша, 
На высокий берег, на крутой. 

Выходила, песню заводила 
Про степного, сизого орла, 
Про того, которого любила, 
Про того, чьи письма берегла. 

Ой, ты песня, песенка девичья, 
Ты лети за ясным солнцем вслед, 
И бойцу на дальшем пограничье 
От Катюши передай привет. 

Пусть он вспомнит девушку простую, 
Пусть услышит, как она поет, 
Пусть он землю бережет родную, 
А любовь Катюша сбережет. 
Moscow Nights
Music - V. Solovjov-Sedoj, lyrics - M. Matusovskij

Not even a whisper is to be heard in the garden,
Everything has calmed down until dawn.
If you only knew how dear they are to me,
The evenings near Moscow!

The river is moving and (sometimes) not,
All made of the moons silver.
A song sounds and is not to be heard
In those quiet evenings.

Why do you, darling, look at me from the side,
Bending your head so low?
It is not easy to tell
All the things that are in my heart.

And dawn is getting more and more visible.
So, please, be so kind:
You, also, dont forget
These summer evenings near Moscow. 

Не слышны в саду даже шорохи,
Все здесь замерло до утра,
Если б знали вы, как мне дороги
Подмосковные вечера.

Речка движется и не движется,
Вся из лунного серебра,
Песня слышится и не слышится
В эти тихие вечера.

А рассвет уже все заметнее,
Так, пожалуйста, будь добра,
Не забудь и ты эти летние
Подмосковные вечера.

Не слышны в саду даже шорохи,
Все здесь замерло до утра,
Если б знали вы, как мне дороги
Подмосковные вечера.

Steppe all around
Traditional, lyrics by E. Surikov

Steppe, endless steppe,
the way lies far before us,
and in that dense steppe
a coachman lay dying.

He summoned up all his strength,
as he felt death approaching,
and he gave an order
to his comrade:

"My dear friend,
do not think of the bad times,
but bury me here
in this dense steppe.

Give to my wife
a word of farewell;
and give back to her
this wedding ring.

And tell her that I died here,
in the freezing steppe,
and that I have taken her love
away with me."
Степь да степь кругом, 
Путь далек лежит,
В той степи глухой 
Замерзал ямщик. 

И, набравшись сил, чуя смертный час,
Он товарищу отдавал наказ: 
"Ты, товарищ мой, Не попомни зла,
Здесь, в степи глухой, схорони меня! 

А коней моих сведи батюшке,
Передай поклон родной матушке. 
А жене скажи 
Слово прощальное,
Передай кольцо 

А ещё скажи - 
Пусть не печалится,
По душе найдет
Про меня скажи, 
Что в степи замерз,
А любовь ее 
Я с собой унес".

More Russian songs lyrics and translations

Russian folk music instruments. BALALAIKA

Balalaika descriptions, pictures, history of Russian balalaika, balalaika music free mp3 download, balalaika lessons and tutorial, video of balalaika performances, balalaika players, ensembles, orchastras and virtuosos, handmade balalaikas for sale, contrabass Balalaika and Balalaika Bass. How to buy contrabass balalaika, Balalaika Player's Diary and more at balalaika page

Russian folk music instruments. DOMRA

Russian folk music instruments. DOMRA The Domra is a small mandolin size instrument with three or four strings. Instrument was developed by Vasiliy Vasilievich Andreev, the Father of Russian balalaika. In contemporary Russian orchestras the domra usually does the melody and accompanied by balalaikas and bayans to play classical and traditional Russian music. Most often domra is played with a pick in Russian Balalaika orchestras or small musical ensembles. Domra is the violin of Russian folk orchestra. It is one of the most flexible instruments in Russian orchestra... read more about DOMRA

Russian folk music instruments. GARMOSHKA

Russian folk music instruments. GARMOSHKA Russian Garmoshka, Garmon', 25x25, Hromka, Harmonica are all the same name for beloved Russian GARMOSHKA - diatonic botton accordion. Bass side: 25 bases, three rows. Treble side: 25 buttons, three rows. That's why Russians call the instrument "25 by 25". The layout of the right-hand buttons is such that the diatonic scale is played by alternating rows top to bottom. A few useful accidentals are often included at the top of the keyboard. The two outer rows of the left-hand are in a bass-chord arrangement, with a combination of major and minor chords that fit in with the major and relative harmonic minor key of the instrument... read more about GARMOSHKA

Folk music instruments. LIRA

Folk music instruments. LIRA Ukranian Lira hurdy-gurdy - a wheel made to rotate by a crank acts as a bow. The old examples are diatonic and provided with nine to eleven keys. They have one melody string and two drone strings (tenor and bayork). These instruments are not held obliquely but laid horizontally on the lap. Their keys are provided with a device (often a simple rubber band) to make them return to their starting position. Contrary to most European hurdy-gurdy forms, the Ukrainian lira has never had a trompette (drone string with rhythmical function). Supposedly the instrument was imported from France by the Ukrainian Cossacks of colonel Ivan Sirko, who took part in The Thirty Years War (1618-1648)... read more about LIRA

Russian folk music instruments. GUSLI

Russian folk music instruments. GUSLI Gusli Handmade Russian folk Psaltery is one of the oldest known Russian traditional musical instrument. The Greek historians Theofilact and Theophan were the first to mention the Russian gusli: "Under the war in the end of the 6th Century, the Greeks took Slavonic prisoners and found a musical instrument named the gusli". The instrument is described as an easy 5 stringed box made of wood. These strings were tuned like this: A, C, E, G, A. It was played like this: the strings that were not to be used were muted with the left hand, and a playstick was placed in the right hand.

10-sring Gusli9-string Gusli

The playstick was used to press the rest of the open strings. The gusli was only used as accompaniment to the song and especially to the travelling scalds who used their songs to tell about the antiquity and to praise the princes and their relations. Little by little, more strings were put on the gusli - 10 then 13 - and the way of playing was changed. In the 18th Century, guslis standing on legs were built in Saint Peterburg. Later, the number of strings were increased with up to 3-4 octaves with cromatic tuning. The gusli has its zenith in the 18th - 19th Century. The instrument is to be found in many homes and it is used at rehearsals of church choirs.

10-string Shlemovidnye Gusli (trapezoid-shaped)Gusli Arphovidnye (harp-like)

The founder of the Balaika Orchestra, V. Andrejev, reconstructed the gusli in 1890 and equipped the instrument with a keyboard and a mechanic in order to make it easier to play on. However, he preserved the caracteristics by the gusli. The way of playing and the timbre are the same as in the old instruments and the mechanical gusli - also named the keyboardgusli is a genuine Russian folk instrument.

GusliGusliRussian folk instrument Gusli

Master Alexander Zhukovsky makes three different kinds of gusli: wing-shaped (krylovidnye) with a fan-like string arrangement, oval - or trapezoid-shaped (shlemovidnye) and harp-like (arfovidnye) with an opening in the soundboard near the pegs to allow the player to pluck the strings from the back side of the instrument... more GUSLI information and pictures

Russian folk music instruments. DONSKOI RYLEI

Donsloy Ryley - authentic Russian hurdy-gurdy with oval body and an attached triangular keybox.

Donsloy Ryley Donsloy Ryley Donsloy Ryley

Russian folk music instruments. GUDOK

Gudok - authentic Russian folk three-string pear-shaped bowed instrument that is usually held vertically. It has 3 strings: 2 of them were tuned in unison and the 3d - one fifth higher. All 3 strings were placed in the same plane, so a bow could make them all sound simultaneously. Sometimes it has also several several (up to 8) resonant strings under the upper sounding board. These made gudok's sound warm and rich. When playing gudok an artist held it on it's lap like a cello or viola da gamba. Initially (in 12th century and probably before) gudok was played using harmonics only, without pressing strings to instrument's neck. Later (in 14th century and after) some modifications of gudok had a real neck for pressing strings, but this wasn't very useful because of specific instrument's shape and was an obvious borrowing from fiddles.

Gudok Gudok
Gudok - Russian folk instrument

More Russian Traditional Folk Musical Instruments

More Russian Traditional Folk Musical Instruments such as Balalaika, Domra, Gusli, Ukranian Lira, Kolyosnaya Lira, Donsloy Ryley, Gudok, Rozhok, Zhaleika, Volynka, Svirel, Kugikly, Lozhki, Treshchotki, kalyuki pictures and sound samples at Russian folk page.


There are over a thousand professional Russian musicians and ensembles performing in the United States of America in all genres: traditional and folk, classical, cabaret and early music. Highly trained musicians and singers are available for all kinds of events. You may sign up for free Russian music news and performances announcements at Russian music and dance Association of America website.

Traditional music and dance ensembles

Barynya   Barynya - Russian folk music and dance ensemble from New York established in 1991. Russian, Tsygansky (Russian Gypsy Roma), Cossack, Ukrainian traditional dances, songs, virtuoso performances on musical instruments (balalaika, garmoshka, bayan, domra, balalaika-contrabass) with explanation of the program in English. Artistic Director Mikhail Smirnov.

Chicago Cossacks   Chicago Cossacks - Russian music and song ensemble from Chicago, Illinois

balalaika Orchestra   New York Balalaika Orchestra is usually invited to play at Russian Orthodox weddings, fundraising balls, large scale social events, presentations, Doctor Zhivago's style corporate parties in New York Tri-State area

"VIA ROMEN"   VIA ROMEN - Russian Gypsy Roma traditional music and dance ensemble . Artistic director Vadim Kolpakov.

Russian Band   RUSSIAN BAND specialty is Gypsy, Ukrainian, Russian music and songs. All RUSSIAN BAND members are top professionals with many years of experience. Choice of Gypsy, Ukrainian, Russian (2 different sets) and Cossack costumes. Extended repertoire. Formal concert, background music or music for dancing party. Our main instruments are balalaika, domra, drums, garmoshka (Russian button accordion), Gypsy guitar, classic guitar, contrabass balalaika, cello and vocals. Travel with own pro-quality sound system.

Russian Balalaika Duo   Russian Balalaika duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alex Siniavski - balalaika, Mikhail Smirnov - guitar, garmoshka, vocals

Russian Gypsy Guitar Violin Duo   Russian Gypsy Guitar Violin Duo from New York, New York performs Russian, Gypsy, Ukrainian, Moldovian, Hungarian music and songs. Sergei Pobedinski - guitar, vocals, Valeriy Zhmud - violin.

Vasily Romany Gypsy band from New York  Vasily Romany Gypsy Band - New York based Tsygansky (Russian Gypsy Roma) music and dance show. Artistic Director Vasily Romani (Yankovich).

Tsygane  Tsygane - Russian Gypsy Roma dance, music, song ensemble New York City

Gypsy Violin Duo  Nina and Isaac Danchenko - Gypsy Violin Duo from Brooklyn, New York

Tum Balalaika   Tum Balalaika - Russian, Jewish, Ukranian, Gypsy band from Chicago, Illinois

Russian dance and music duo
 Russian Dance & Music Duo from New York performs in traditional costumes. Program of Russian Cossack Ukrainian and Tsygansky (Russian Gypsy Roma) folk songs, music and dances. Affordable price. Duo is available for Arts in education programs, concerts, convention promotions, media appearances, private parties, special events, theme engagements, weddings, etc.

Brooklyn Balalaikas
  Brooklyn Balalaikas -Russian Folk Music Trio from Brooklyn, New York. Artistic Director Leonid Bruk.

Cossack Spirit
 Cossack Spirit - Cossack song, music and dance trio from New York founded by dancer and singer Valentina Kvasova, singer Victoria Pichurova and Russian button accordion virtuoso Victor Danilochkin in 2007. Ensemble performs Cossack folk music, songs and dances. All members of the group are highly trained in former USSR performers.

Brooklyn Klezmer Music Band   Old Red Wine - Klezmer, Yiddish, Russian dixieland band from Brooklyn, New York. Artistic Director Shlomo Leiderman.

Svetlana Smirnova and Yury Selivanov  Svetlana Smirnova and Yury Selivanov - Honored performers of Russia - Moscow, Russia

Kalinka Duo  Kalinka Duo - Sergey Vashchenko- balalaika, Vladimir Kaliazine- bayan, Austin, TX

Zabava  Zabava - Russian folk ethnographic group from Saratov, Russia

Russian Gypsy 7-string guitar   Timofeyev and Kolpakov Russian Gypsy 7-string guitar duo performs traditional music, songs and dances of the Russian Roma (Gypsy) tradition, ancient Gypsy melodies, heartfelt lyrical romansy, accompanied by the Russian Gypsy 7-string guitars. Oleg Timofeyev holds an M.A. in Early Music Performance from the University of Southern California (1993), and a Ph.D. in Performance Practice from Duke University (1999). Lead guitarist and artist of the Moscow Gypsy Theater Romen, Vadim Kolpakov has been steeped in the tradition from childhood, plays the Russian 7- string guitar, sings and dances.

Internationals   The Internationals World Music Ensemble from Chicago, Illinois plays Russian, Italian, Jewish, Ukrainian, Cossack, Gypsy, American oldies, and classical music from all around the world. Flexible structure depending on the clients' needs.

Piques Dames

Piques Dames - Russian singers from New York City is a group of talented, classically trained musicians that perform in the New York metropolitan area at musical festivals, weddings, radio shows private and corporate events. Their repertoire includes a variety of Slavic and European Classical and Folk vocal music as well as compositions from operatic and sacred classics.

Russian traditional dance and music program
 Russian traditional dance and music program NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD designed for smaller budget venues with limites space for the dancing. 3 dancers, 1 musician.

Russian Brides
  Russian Brides - Cossack song and dance duo from Brooklyn, New York.

  Tryn-Trava - Russian Folk group from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Ukrainian Cossack dancers of New York
  Ukrainian Cossack dancers of New York founded in New York City by Ukrainian choreographer, teacher and dancer Andrij Cybyk in 2007.

Balalaika Russian Dance and Music Trio
 Balalaika Russian Dance and Music Trio - Russian Cossack dance, balalaika and garmoshka music from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  NEW YORK RUSSIAN DANCE AND MUSIC TRIO - Russian, Cossacks, Ukrainian and Gypsy dances, music and songs. Authentic instruments: garmoshka, balalaika, gusli. Different set of costumes for each dance.

Traditional Russian, Cossacks, Gypsy and Ukrainian music and dance
Trio from Brooklyn, New York
  Cossack music and dance trio from Brooklyn, New York

Russian song ensemble SVETOCH
  Russian song ensemble SVETOCH


For fast quote contact Barynya Entertainment view full list of Russian music ensembles

Alyosha Dimitrievich - Russian Gypsy chanson performer

Alyosha Dimitrievich Alyosha Dimitrievich (Dimitrievich Aleksey Ivanovich) was born on March 23, 1913 at the Northern part of Russian Imperia, at the DAL'NY VOSTOK, (close to CHINA) in the family of gypsy that made living by traveling from town to town, singing, dancing and performing. He was the forth and the last child in the family.

In the end of the civic was (about 1920-1921) Dimitrievich family with the Army of the General Kolchak moved from Vladivostok to Kharbin, running from the communists regime. Later on they traveled from Hong Kong to Java, Sumatra, Ceylon, Birma (Barma) and Calcutta.

In 1924-25 Dimitrievich's clan moved to Spain. They stayed there for a few years. In Spain financial situation of the family improved. There were about 30... read full article

Russian singers for hire

For fast price quote contact Mikhail Smirnov at Barynya Entertainment

Aleksander Menshikov
  Russian Gypsy and popular songs singer Alexander Menshikov from Cliffside Park, New Jersey performs with his Russian Wedding Band 5GRAND.US, ensemble Barynya or solo. He studied singing at The Gnesin's Academy in Moscow, Russia.

Yakov Yavno
  Acclaimed Russian Jewish singer and actor from New York Yakov Yavno

Piques Dames
  Piques Dames perform in the New York metropolitan area. Their repertoire includes a variety of Slavic and European Classical and Folk vocal music as well as compositions from operatic and sacred classics.

Yury Mitchenko
  Singer, keyboard player, MC Yury Mitchenko is available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania

Sergei Pobedinski
  Russian, Gypsy, Jewish, Italian and American singer Sergei Pobedinski from New York City, USA

Irina Zagornova
  Russian folk singer Irina Zagornova from New York, USA

Vasily Yankovich
  Classical Russian Gypsy singer Vasily Yankovich was named the best Tsygansky (Russian Roma Gypsy) singer in the United States. Available in New York, New Jersey and internationally.

Vadim Kolpakov
  Gypsy Roma singer and dancer, 7-string guitar virtuoso Vadim Kolpakov

Svetlana Smirnova Yury Selivanov
  Honored performers of Russia Svetlana Smirnova and Yury Selivanov from Moscow, Russia

Mikhail Smirnov
  Russian folk singer and garmoshka player Mikhail Smirnov from Fort Lee, New Jersey performs authentic Russian folk songs and tongue twisters.

Nina Selivanova
  Russian folk singer Nina Selivanova from Moscow, Russia

Nikolai Massenkoff
  Russian, Ukrainian and Gypsy singer Nikolai Massenkoff from San Francisco, California

Tanya Matveeva
  Russian folk singer Tanya Matveeva from Moscow, Russia

Marina Zhuravlyova
  Russian singer Marina Zhuravleva from Calgary, Canada

Russian dancers, singers, balalaika, garmoshka Hawaii, Lahaina, Maui, HI
  Russian Show Hawaii - dancers, singers, balalaika, garmoshka Maui, Hawaii. video

Vitali Baganov
  Russian bayan player, singer and actor Vitali Baganov from New York City, New York, USA

Valentina Kvasova
  Russian Cossack singer and dancer Valentina Kvasova from New York, USA

Nina Tritenichenko
  Ukrainian singer, musician from San Fransisco, California Nina Tritenichenko

Natalia Demidova
  Russian folk singer Natalia Demidova from New York

Victoria Pichurova
  Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian and Gypsy folk singer Victoria Pichurova from Brooklyn, New York, USA

Elena Harris
  Russian singer Elena Harris from Grand Forks, Idaho, USA

Svetlana Yankovsky
  Gypsy singer Svetlana Yankovsky from Las Vegas, Nevada

Alexander Prokhorov
  Russian singer, Bass-baritone Alexander Prokhorov from Boston, Massachusetts was born in Russia. Now he lives in Boston, where he is engaged as one of the performing artists with Boston University's Opera Institute. Alexander has been described as a "true deep bass with tones, that immediately astonished with their midnight-dark, chasm depth of richness and powerful timber..."

Boris Kletinich
  Russian singer (bass-barytone) Boris Kletinich from Montreal, Canada was graduated from the University of Theater Art and Film of Moscow (Russia). During his military service, he was soloist of the Air Force Orchestra and Chorus of the Red Army. Boris can sing different musical forms: Russian popular and love songs, rock and love ballad, the jazz, the popular writings of Broadway, the Jewish and Latin America songs, arias of opera.

Zhenya Shevchenko
  Legendary Russian Gypsy singer Zhenya Shevchenko from New York City, USA

Zarina Maliti
  Russian singer Zarina Maliti from Moscow, Russia

Russian Music Polyphonic Ringtones Free Download

Russian Balalaika Polyphonic Ringtones Free Download page provided by Russian folk music ensemble Barynya from Brooklyn, New York. Russian balalaika, garmoshka, guitar and contrabass balalaika were used to record these ringtones. Download the file to your computer and email to your phone or use any wireless connection such as bluetooth or infra red port to transfer the music to your cell phone.


Victor Danilochkin Russian bayan virtuoso Victor Danilochkin from New York
Vitali Baganov Russian bayanist and singer
Vitali Baganov
New York City
Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Balalaika virtuoso
Alex Siniavski
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Russian Bayan virtuoso Gutkin Russian Bayan virtuoso
Gennady Gutkin
Brooklyn, New York
Russian garmoshka player Misha Smirnov Russian garmoshka player
Mikhail Smirnov
Cliffside Park, New Jersey
Balalaika contrabass Leonid Bruk Russian Balalaika Contrabass player
Leonid Bruk
Brooklyn, New York, USA
view full list of Russian musicians

Russian folk music free MP3 download

Russian folk songs, dances, tunes, Cossack folksongs, Russian singers, Don Cossacks Song and Dances, Russian Chanson, music of the world on the Russian Balalaika by acclaimed musicians and Russian Christmas Music album at Russian folk music free MP3 download page.

Russian Gypsy singers, dancers, musicians, ensembles

Russian Gypsy singer Zhenya Shevchenko  Legend of Russian immigration
Russian Gypsy singer Zhenya Shevchenko
New York City, USA
Russian Gypsy Traditional Music and Dance band "VIA ROMEN", Boston, Massachusetts, USA  
Russian Gypsy Traditional Music and Dance
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Gypsy Violin duo Nina and Isaac Danchenko  
Gypsy Violin Duo
Nina and Isaac Danchenko
New York, USA
Russian Gypsy folk Show Moscow   Russian Gypsy folk show
New York City, USA
view full list of Russian Gypsy musicians, performers and ensembles

Russian Klezmer singers, dancers, musicians and ensembles

Klezmer Music Band Shlomo Leiderman and "Old Red Wine" from Brooklyn, New York   Klezmer and Yiddish Dixieland Music Band
Shlomo Leiderman and "Old Red Wine"
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Klezmer Dance ensemble "BOTTLE DANCERS USA", New York, USA   Klezmer Dance Ensemble
New York, USA
Brooklyn based Klezmer dance and music ensemble "Tumbalalaika"   Klezmer dance and music ensemble
Brooklyn, New York

dancers, singers, musicians and ensembles wanted


Russian traditional song "Korobushka" (The Peddler) performed by New York based GARMONIST Misha Smirnov at the Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, New Jersey) in May 2006.

Russian Garmoshka Traditional Music Album

Mikhail Smirnov Garmoshka Traditional Music Album "Russian Restaurant" recorded by Mikhail Smirnov, performer, musician, folk singer, founder of New York based Russian dance and music ensemble Barynya in February 2007. Recording was made possible by singers-songwriters, Russian bard musicians Yuriy and Viktor Tenman from New York at their recording studio in Staten Island (Villa Nova Studio). If you ever attend a Russian party where people are singing, you will be able to recognize all the tunes from this album. The very first song that people will do together at the Russian restaurant, cafe, apartment or "izba" (country log house) after a few drinks at the Russian wedding or Birthday party most likely will be "Moroz-Moroz" or "Gorochka". There is no singing on this album. Well, almost no singing... Album contains traditional Russian tunes: "Kalinka", "Moscow nights", "Korobushka" and other Russian favorite songs performed on Russian garmoshka. Enjoy free Russian Garmoshka MP3 music downloads

Russian folk songs, balalaika mp3 samples

Bibs EkkelBalalaika Virtuoso Bibs Ekkel. Born in 1946 in England of mixed Polish-English background, Bibs Ekkel is both musician and linguist. His career as one of very few outstanding professional balalaika players outside Russia has brought him much recognition worldwide, including in the balalaika's Motherland, where he has performed on radio and TV as well as at Moscow's prestigious "Hall of Columns" and... read more, download MP3

ensemble BarynyaEthnic Russian Music Album recorded by ensemble Barynya in December 2006. Total time 45:46. Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2006. Favorite Russian melodies and songs performed on balalaika, garmoshka, Gypsy guitar, classic guitar, and contrabass... more information, MP3 samples

Barynya 2006Russian folk music, song and dance album. Runtime: 64 minutes. Ensemble Barynya live from Wisconsin. Alex Siniavski (balalaika), Mikhail Smirnov (garmoshka, guitar), Ruslan Khain (c-bass). Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2006. Songs: "The Peddlers", "You stood me up", "Angry mother (bila mene maty)", "Tongue Twister". Dances: "Hopak", "Sailor's Dance", "Barynya", "Kalinka". Balalaika solo: "The Moon is shining", "Chardash"... more info, MP3s, order

Russian Christmas MusicRussian Christmas Music Balalaika Album. Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov (guitar). Runtime: 51 minutes. Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2005. 25 Russian folk songs, dances, tunes, favorite Christmas and Holiday selections such as "Carol of Bells", "Deck The Halls", "Father Frost", "Jingle Bells", "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas", "Joy To The World", "Folk Carol from Smolensk", "Snowstorm", "Snegoorochka"... more information, MP3 samples

Sergey GusarovSergey Gusarov" Russian folk songs and balalaika music album recorded with ensemble Barynya. Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2004. Russian folk music, tunes, songs and dances including title song Sergey Gusarov. Runtime: 65 minutes... more information, MP3 samples

Barynya Russian folk songsBalalaika music album "Barynya Russian folk songs" recorded with balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski. Runtime: 35m 09s, Cover Art: Yury Tarler. Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2003. There are Russian folk tunes, dances and songs including "Evening bells", "Kalinka", "Katyusha", "Moscow Nights" and "Dark Eyes"... MP3 samples, order

Balalaika Variations "The Moon Is Shining Brightly"

Variations on Russian folk song: "The Moon Is Shining Brightly" (sometimes translated as "The New Moon is Lighting") written by the "Father of Russian Balalaika" Vasily Vasileyevich Andreyev (1861-1918) is so popular it was even mentioned in Michail Bulgakov's book "The heart of a dog":
Someone was hard at work playing a rousing tune on the balalaika two rooms away and the sound of a series of intricate variations on 'The Moon is Shining' mingled in Philip Philipovich's head with the words of the sickening newspaper article. When he had read it he pretended to spit over his shoulder and hummed absentmindedly through his teeth: ' "The moo-oon is shining . . . shining bright . . . the moon is shining . . ." God, that damned tune's on my brain!'... read more


CzardasHungarian-style Czardas written by Vittorio Monti. Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov (guitar) recorded during Russian music and dance ensemble "BARYNYA" concert on March 8, 2003 at the Smithsonian Institute of America. Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History. Washington, DC. "Czardas" was written by Vittorio Monti for either violin or mandolin and piano. It was soon arranged for all kinds of instruments including the balalaika. Not many people remember Vittorio Monti these days, but everyone will be familiar with his Czardas

Moon is shining BrightlyVariations on Russian folk song: "The Moon Is Shining Brightly" is the most popular pieces performed on Russian balalaika ever. Alex Siniavsky - balalaika, Mikhail Smirnov - guitar. Recorded on March 8, 2003 during ensemble "BARYNYA" solo performance at at the Smithsonian Institute of America. Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History. Washington, DC.

Balalaika orchestra performance Russian music and dance Ensemble Barynya at the "Petroushka Ball 2007", the 42nd annual Petroushka Ball held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. This is a charity ball benefitting the Russian Children's Welfare Society which raises money to help Russian disadvantaged children.

Russian Balalaika Trio is playing Waltz Daydreams composed by Vasily Vasilievich Andreev
25 seconds clip
   Waltz "Daydreams"
This waltz composed by "father" of Russian balalaika Vasily Vasilievich Andreev (born 186l). Solo by balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov-guitar, Leonid Bruk-balalaika-bass.
Performed by New York based Brooklyn Balalaikas trio

Russian Balalaika Trio is playing Russian Traditional Song "Valenki".  Solo Natalia Smirnov
   Valenki - "Felt Boots"
Russian Balalaika Trio is playing Traditional Song "Valenki". Performed by New York based Brooklyn Balalaikas trio. Solo Natalia Smirnov
3701 KB video mpeg file
Russian Balalaika Trio is playing Russian Traditional Song "Valenki".  Solo Natalia Smirnov
MPEG videoclip

Russian balalaika Trio Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov, Leonid Bruk
MPEG videoclip
   "I met you" - Popular Rusian romance, lyrics by Fedor Tyutchev, music of unknown author. Solo by balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov (guitar), Leonid Bruk (balalaika-bass)
New York based "Brooklyn Balalaikas" trio

Akh, Ty Beruoza Russian folk tune "Oh, You, Birch-Tree"
MPEG videoclip
   "Akh, Ty Beryoza"
Russian folk tune "Oh, You, Birch-Tree"
Traditional. Solo - balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski
4581 KB video mpeg file

Monti's Chardash 8645 KB Quick Time Movie file
Monti's Chardash
8645 KB Quick Time Movie file
   Monti's Chardash
performed by Alex Siniavsky - balalaika and Mikhail Smirnov - guitar. Recorded at Russian folk music and dance ensemble "BARYNYA" concert, March 8, 2003, Smithsonian Institute of America at Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC

Moon is shining Russian folk song 4333 KB Quick Time Movie file
Moon is shining
4333 KB Quick Time Movie file
   Russian folk song "Moon is shining"
performed by Alex Siniavsky - balalaika and Mikhail Smirnov - guitar. Recorded at Russian folk music and dance ensemble "BARYNYA" concert, March 8, 2003, Smithsonian Institute of America at Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC


bass balalaika
bass balalaika for sale
in New York
prima balalaika
prima balalaika for sale
in New York
balalaika secunda
balalaika secunda for sale
in New York

Handmade balalaika

balalayka Balalaika ("Belly Scratcher") made by craftsmen from Moscow Aleksandr Zhukovski: "I make musical instruments since 1990. Design and shape of my instruments are based on archeologycal discoveries from Velikiy Novgorod and museum samples. I started to make instruments for myself at first. After a while I started getting orders for different pieces from musicians and folk groups in Russia and overboard. I also teach classes on Russian traditional folk instrumental music. Russian folk ensembles "Kazachiy Krug", "Drevo", "Yakhont Lazorevy", "Vetka", one of groups of D. Pokrovski (theatre on Taganka) are using guslis, liras and gudoks made by me"... read more

Almost new balalaika prima made by Ershov - sold

balalaika for sale Concert quality Balalaika made by famous Russian balalaika luthier Ershov in Moscow in 1989 is available for sale in Toronto, Canada for a bargain price of 750.00 Canadian Dollars or even exchange for 4-srtinged domra. Condition: like new. Instrument is fully serviced by professional balalaika maker Andreas Gerth from Berlin, Germany in 2006 - new tuners installed. Black ebony fingerboard. Pickguard and head dark-brown palisander. Clear and deep sound... read more


First official record of Russian dancing is related to year 907 when Great Russian Prince Oleg (Vechshiy Oleg) celebrated his victory over Greeks in Kiev. During the Gala Dinner 16 male dancers dressed as bears and four bears dressed as Russian dancers performed for the guests. After the dinner was over Great Prince commanded to release the bears into the wild and to execute all the dancers.

As it became clear later on, Vechshiy Oleg, who was purblind, has mistaken the dancers for the ambassadors from the Northern Tribes (Severyane) who owned him a few hundred skins of marten - Russian tiger-cat... read full article


Zhenya Shevchenko & Barynya 2008Legendary Russian Gypsy singer Zhenia Shevchenko and ensemble Barynya DVD. Concert was recorded in New York City on January 26, 2008. Fifteen performers: six dancers, three singers, six musicians. Performers: Sergey Ryabtsev - violin, Mikhail Smirnov - garmoshka, vocal, guitar, Alex Siniavski - Gypsy guitar, balalaika, Alexander Menshikov - Russian Gypsy singer, tambourine, Leonid Bruk - balalaika-contrabass, Gennady Gutkin - bayan, Lev Zabeginsky - balalaika, Andrij Cybyk - dancer, choreographer, Ganna Makarova - dancer, Olga Chpitalnaia - dancer, Vitaliy Verterich - dancer, choreographer, Valentina Kvasova - dancer, singer, Mikhail Nesterenko - dancer, Victoria Pichurova - singer, Gabriel Yakubov - Gypsy dancer. Musical instruments: Balalaika, garmoshka, bayan, violin, balalaika-contrabass, Gypsy guitar, Russian 7 string guitar. Program of Russian Gypsy songs, music, Russian, Gypsy, Cossack and Ukrainian folk dancing... more info, video samples, order

Barynya Ohio 2007This DVD was recorded at live performance of Russian music and dance ensemble Barynya (Artistic Director/Founder Mikhail Smirnov) in Lakeside, Ohio at the Hoover Auditorium in July 2007. List of performers: Mikhail Smirnov - vocal, garmoshka, guitar , Alex Siniavski - balalaika, Gypsy guitar, musical director , Andrij Cybyk - dancer, choreographer , Valentina Kvasova - dance captain, dancer , Leonid Bruk - balalaika contrabass , Alexander Menshikov - singer, tambourine , Victoria Pichurova - singer , Natalia Ejova - dancer , Natia Rtveliashvili - dancer , Stefan Kuziw - dancer , Alex Sizov - dancer.... more info, videoclips, order

Barynya Wisconsin 2006This DVD is from live performance of Russian dance, song and music ensemble Barynya from the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in October 2006. PROGRAM: Russian, Gypsy, Cossack, Ukrainian traditional dances, folk and popular songs, virtuoso performances on musical instruments with explanation of the program in English. INSTRUMENTS: balalaika, garmoshka, contrabass, buben, Gypsy and classic guitars... more info, videoclips, order

New York based Russian Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Barynya DVD coverNew York based Russian folk dance and music ensemble Barynya, 2004. Russian folk dances, songs, virtuoso performances on balalaika, bass-balalaika and garmoshka. Runtime: 1 hour, cover art: Anna Nagorskaya
more info, videoclips, order

Russian folk dance and music trio Barynya Ensemble Barynya, 1998. Live performance in cabaret "Moscow", Lexington Ave/54 street, New York City. Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Klezmer music and dances. Runtime: about 35 minutes.
more info, videoclips, order

Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian and Gypsy dance DVDRuntime: 60 minutes. On this DVD ensemble Barynya dancers are performing Russian, Cossack, Gypsy and Ukranian folk dances including "Kalinka", "Katyusha", "Barynya", "Two Guitars" and others. more info, videoclips, order


Russian, Russian Gypsy, Russian Cossack, Ukrainian, Russian Siberian stage costumes for professional performances made by Russian costumes designer Svetlana Gavrilova.... see pictures



Barynya - Russian music, song and dance ensemble from New York is a unique group of top soloists: musicians, singers and dancers who were trained and performed with Don Cossacks of Rostov, Andreev State symphonic balalaika orchestra, Moscow State center of "Russian Song"

Russian dancers from San Fransisco

The Russian Collection Dance Ensemble from San Francisco, California provides a selection of thrilling and colorful Russian folk dancing, enchanting Russian folk music, and Russian magical illusions. Group was founded in 1945 and has performed in Europe, Asia, North and South America

Russian dancers Toronto Canada

Revival - Russian dance ensemble from Toronto Canada is available in Canada and the United States of America to provide live entertainment for corporate events, parties, weddings, and all other events. Artistic Director Ekaterina Kornienkova

Russian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Gypsy and Jewish folk dance

Canary dance ensemble from Los Angeles, California performs Russian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Gypsy, Armenian and Jewish folk traditional dances

Russian traditional dance and music program

Russian traditional dance and music program NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD designed for smaller budget venues with limites space for the dancing. 3 dancers, 1 musician perform Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Siberian folk dances, songs and music... more Russian dance ensembles

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