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Classical opera singer from New York Irina

Opera singer Irina Petrik | photos | оперная певица Ирина Петрик

Irina Petrik When Irina Petrik talks about music, her passion is palpable.

Born and raised in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, the soprano's zest for performance is matched only by a desire to promote her culture, a vocation she purses through song.

Once a soloist with the Kiev Youth Symphony, Petrik performed throughout the former Soviet Union as a member of the popular Skazka children's theater and, later, with the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. She graduated with honors from the historic Gliere Music College, where she studied voice performance after winning a four-year scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine.

After moving to the United States in 2000, Petrik (Russian: Ирина Петрик) graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has performed with prestigious companies across the country.

"I'm always very passionate about my heritage -- it's in my blood," Petrik said. "I want to promote authentic Russian and Ukrainian music and expose people to that culture."

Times Union, November 2010.

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singer Irina Petrik
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singer Irina Petrik
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Irina Petrik
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Russian traditional song "Korobushka" (Peddler's Box)

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