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Balalaika Balalayka Балалайка

Russian musical instrument Balalaika (Russian: БАЛАЛАЙКА) is also sometimes spelled as "BALALAYKA".
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Russian folk song "Valenki" (Felt Boots)

Elina Karokhina (balalaika), Leonid Bruk (balalaika-contrabass), Mikhail Smirnov (guitar).

"Felt Boots" - "Valenki" - "Валенки"

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"Kamarinskaia" - "Камаринская"

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Somewhere My Love Lara's theme from "Dr. Zhivago" motion picture

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Balalaika Music Medley

Recorded during Troika Festival in Erie, Pennsylvania on May 29th, 2011. Elina Karokhina (balalaika), Leonid Bruk (balalaika-contrabass), Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, vocal)

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Elina Karokhina and ensemble Barynya Album 2011
"Jewish Valenki" (Russian: «Еврейские Валенки»)

Ensemble Barynya Album 2011Jewish Valenki. Balalaika virtuoso Elina Karokhina and Russian dance and music ensemble Barynya 2011 compact disk album "Jewish Valenki" (Russian: «Еврейские Валенки»). Elina Karokhina (balalaika), Leonid Bruk (balalaika-contrabass), Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, vocals).

01. Gypsy Medley.mp3
02. The Moon Is Shining.mp3
03. Kalinka.mp3
04. Jewish Valenki.mp3
05. I Met You.mp3
06. Kamarinskaya.mp3
07. Bruk's Medley.mp3
08. Dr.Zhivago Lara.mp3
09. Ural's Dance.mp3
10. WWII Medley.mp3
11. Jewish Medley.mp3
12. Polonaise.mp3
13. Rondo Alla Turca.mp3
14. Chardash.mp3
15. MY Husband Forsed Me.mp3
16. Semyonovna.mp3
17. Mountan Ash Tree.mp3
18. Paganini.mp3
19. Schnittke.mp3
20. Sailors' Dance.mp3
21. Two Guitars.mp3

More mp3 balalaika music from this album

Duo Russian Balalaika Alex Siniavski and Misha Smirnov
Russian Balalaika Duo from Philadelphia, Pennsilvania performs Russian Ukrainian, Russian Gypsy music and songs on balalaikas, guitars, and garmoshka (Russian folk button accordion) at any kind of events.

Balalaika (balalayka) description

Balalaika is Russian folk guitar with triangular body shape. The back of balalaika is slightly bowed. Three strings run from the tuning pins over the metal frets on the neck across soundboard and secured on the base of the instrument. Sometimes one can find six string balalaika, usually it is tuned exactly like regular three strings instrument.

Balalayka strings

Often people email us with question where do we get Balalayka strings. Answer provided by Alex Siniavski, balalaika virtuoso and director of Russian music and dance ensemble "Barynya": For the first (A) balalaika string you can use any first (E) steel guitar string .011 diameter, for 2nd and 3rd balalaika (E) strings you can use 3rd (G) nylon guitar strings

Balalayka question

more pictures Hello, dear balalaika professionals, fans and friends! Our friend who owns this balalaika wants to know who, when and why made this balalaika. To see more pictures please click the image on the left. If you have an idea how old this instrument might be, where it was made and who was the master, please post your reply or opinion to GOOGLE BALALAIKA GROUP or email me. Thank you! Mikhail Smirnov, Russian dance and music ensemble Barynya from New York.

Balalaika Variations "The Moon Is Shining Brightly"

Variations on Russian folk song: "The Moon Is Shining Brightly" (sometimes translated as "The New Moon is Lighting") written by the "Father of Russian Balalaika" Vasily Vasileyevich Andreyev (1861-1918) is so popular it was even mentioned in Michail Bulgakov's book "The heart of a dog":
Someone was hard at work playing a rousing tune on the balalaika two rooms away and the sound of a series of intricate variations on 'The Moon is Shining' mingled in Philip Philipovich's head with the words of the sickening newspaper article. When he had read it he pretended to spit over his shoulder and hummed absentmindedly through his teeth: ' "The moo-oon is shining . . . shining bright . . . the moon is shining . . ." God, that damned tune's on my brain!'... read more

The Balalaika Tutorial online

Famous Russian balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski have released an online version of his best selling The Balalaika Tutorial DVD. You can get it at his website Below you can see two samples - short intro into the course, and lesson 6 - tremolo.

Balalaika Lessons Tutorial DVD Intro

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Balalaika Lesson 6 - Tremolo

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The full list of Balalaika Lessons

1. Introduction 2. Tuning 3. Strumming 4. Thumb Pizzicato 5. Pizzicato Vibrato 6. Double Pizzicato 7. Single Pizzicato 8. Tremolo 9. The Rolls 10. Left Hand Position 11. Learning a Song 12. Scales 13. Basic Chords 14. The Folk Balalaika

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Balalaika lesson 2 - Tuning
Balalaika lesson 3 - Strumming
Balalaika lesson 6 - Double Pizzicato
Balalaika lesson 8 - Tremolo

The most popular Russian songs and dances sheet music

A very useful book for musicians who play Russian gigs made available by balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski.


List of songs available as of Dec 28, 2008:
Along the Mourom Road - Na muromskoy dorozhke
Along the Piterskaya Road - Vdol’ po piterskoj
Autumn Slumber - Osennij son
Birds Fly Home - Domoj vozvrashchayutsya ptitzy
Birds Take Wing - Letyat perelyotnye ptitzy
Black Cat - Chyorny kot
Blue Kerchief - Sinij platochek
Chick is Roasted - Tzyplyonok zharenyj
Clouds Over The City - Tuchi nad gorodom vstali
Coachman, Hold Your Horses - Yamshchik, ne goni loshadej
Cranes - Zhuravli
Czardas - Chardash
Dark Eyes - Ochi chernye
Dark Night - Tyomnaya noch’
Daydreams - Vals “Gryozy”
Evening Song - Vechernyaya pesnya
Exhausted Sun - Utomlyonnoe solntze
Felt Boots - Valenki
Friendship - Kogda prostym i nezhnym vzorom
Frost, O Frost - Oj, moroz, moroz
Gentlemen of Fortune - Dzhentel’meny udachi
Heart On the Snow - Serdtze na snegu
Hey, Coachman, Take Me to the Yar - Ey, yamshchik, goni-ka k Yaru
Hopak - Gopak
In Dugout Shelter - V zemlyanke
In the Smithy - Vo kuznitze
In the Wood Near the Front - V lesu prifrontovom
It Is Not the Wind - To ne veter
Kostya the Sailor - Shalandy polnye kefali
Lara’s Theme
Little Willow Tree - Ivushka
Lonely Accordion - Odinokaya garmon’
Lyric Song From Sormovo - Sormovskaya liricheskaya
Meadowlands - Polyushko-pole
Mishka - Mishka, Mishka, gde tvoya ulybka
Moon Is Shining - Svetit mesyatz
Moscow Nights - Podmoskovnye vechera
Officers’ Waltz - Sluchajny vals
Peddlers - Korobejniki
Snow Storm - Vdol’ po ulitze metelitza metyot
So Many Lovely Girls - Kak mnogo devushek horoshih
Song About a Good Mood - Pesenka o horoshem nastroyenii
Song About Bears - Pesenka o medvedyah
Song About Five Minutes - Pesenka o pyati minutah
Song Flows On - I lyotsya pesnya
Song of Old Coachman - Pesnya starogo izvozchika
Steppes - Step’ da step’ krugom
There Is But an Instant - Est’ tol’ko mig
These Dark Eyes - Ah, eti chernye glaza
Those Were the Days - Dorogoj dlinnoyu
Town Of Samara - Ah, Samara-gorodok
Trainman, Hold On - Postoj, parovoz
Turquoise Rings - Biryuzovye kolechki
Two Guitars - Dve gitary
Two-Step - Toostep
Unhitch the Horses - Rospryagajte, hloptzi, koni
Ural Rowan Tree - Ural’skaya ryabinushka
Volga Boatmen Song - Ej, uhnem
When We Met - Ya vstretil vas
You Stood Me Up - Pidmanula, pidvela
Your Excelency - Vashe blagorodie... read more, purchase


Video of Balalaika virtuoso Bibs Ekkel, Alexey Arkhipovski, Alex Siniavski and concert of Russian dance and music ensemble Barynya

Balalaika virtuoso Bibs Ekkel from London, UK

Balalaika virtuoso Alexey Arkhipovsky from Moscow, Russia


Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski and ensemble Barynya

CzardasHungarian-style Czardas written by Vittorio Monti. Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov (guitar) recorded during Russian music and dance ensemble "BARYNYA" concert on March 8, 2003 at the Smithsonian Institute of America. Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History. Washington, DC. "Czardas" was written by Vittorio Monti for either violin or mandolin and piano. It was soon arranged for all kinds of instruments including the balalaika. Not many people remember Vittorio Monti these days, but everyone will be familiar with his Czardas

Moon is shining BrightlyVariations on Russian folk song: "The Moon Is Shining Brightly" is the most popular pieces performed on Russian balalaika ever. Alex Siniavsky - balalaika, Mikhail Smirnov - guitar. Recorded on March 8, 2003 during ensemble "BARYNYA" solo performance at at the Smithsonian Institute of America. Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History. Washington, DC.

Balalaika orchestra performance Russian music and dance Ensemble Barynya at the "Petroushka Ball 2007", the 42nd annual Petroushka Ball held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. This is a charity ball benefitting the Russian Children's Welfare Society which raises money to help Russian disadvantaged children.

Russian Balalaika Trio is playing Waltz Daydreams composed by Vasily Vasilievich Andreev
25 seconds clip
   Waltz "Daydreams"
This waltz composed by "father" of Russian balalaika Vasily Vasilievich Andreev (born 186l). Solo by balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov-guitar, Leonid Bruk-balalaika-bass.
Performed by New York based Brooklyn Balalaikas trio

Russian Balalaika Trio is playing Russian Traditional Song "Valenki".  Solo Natalia Smirnov
   Valenki - "Felt Boots"
Russian Balalaika Trio is playing Traditional Song "Valenki". Performed by New York based Brooklyn Balalaikas trio. Solo Natalia Smirnov
3701 KB video mpeg file
Russian Balalaika Trio is playing Russian Traditional Song "Valenki".  Solo Natalia Smirnov
MPEG videoclip

Russian balalaika Trio Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov, Leonid Bruk
MPEG videoclip
   "I met you" - Popular Rusian romance, lyrics by Fedor Tyutchev, music of unknown author. Solo by balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov (guitar), Leonid Bruk (balalaika-bass)
New York based "Brooklyn Balalaikas" trio

Akh, Ty Beruoza Russian folk tune "Oh, You, Birch-Tree"
MPEG videoclip
   "Akh, Ty Beryoza"
Russian folk tune "Oh, You, Birch-Tree"
Traditional. Solo - balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski
4581 KB video mpeg file

Monti's Chardash 8645 KB Quick Time Movie file
Monti's Chardash
8645 KB Quick Time Movie file
   Monti's Chardash
performed by Alex Siniavsky - balalaika and Mikhail Smirnov - guitar. Recorded at Russian folk music and dance ensemble "BARYNYA" concert, March 8, 2003, Smithsonian Institute of America at Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC

Moon is shining Russian folk song 4333 KB Quick Time Movie file
Moon is shining
4333 KB Quick Time Movie file
   Russian folk song "Moon is shining"
performed by Alex Siniavsky - balalaika and Mikhail Smirnov - guitar. Recorded at Russian folk music and dance ensemble "BARYNYA" concert, March 8, 2003, Smithsonian Institute of America at Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC

Russian Two-Step Dance «Девочка Надя»

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bass balalaika
bass balalaika for sale
in New York
prima balalaika
prima balalaika for sale
in New York
balalaika secunda
balalaika secunda for sale
in New York

Handmade balalaika

balalayka Balalaika ("Belly Scratcher") made by craftsmen from Moscow Aleksandr Zhukovski: "I make musical instruments since 1990. Design and shape of my instruments are based on archeologycal discoveries from Velikiy Novgorod and museum samples. I started to make instruments for myself at first. After a while I started getting orders for different pieces from musicians and folk groups in Russia and overboard. I also teach classes on Russian traditional folk instrumental music. Russian folk ensembles "Kazachiy Krug", "Drevo", "Yakhont Lazorevy", "Vetka", one of groups of D. Pokrovski (theatre on Taganka) are using guslis, liras and gudoks made by me"... read more

Almost new balalaika prima made by Ershov - sold

balalaika for sale Concert quality Balalaika made by famous Russian balalaika luthier Ershov in Moscow in 1989 is available for sale in Toronto, Canada for a bargain price of 750.00 Canadian Dollars or even exchange for 4-srtinged domra. Condition: like new. Instrument is fully serviced by professional balalaika maker Andreas Gerth from Berlin, Germany in 2006 - new tuners installed. Black ebony fingerboard. Pickguard and head dark-brown palisander. Clear and deep sound... read more

Nalimov design balalaikas by "Imperskaya Music"

balalaikas for saleImperskaya Music is North American company that manufactures and sells "Nalimov design" balalaikas, balalaika bags, and other accesories. Famous Russian luthier Semyon Nalimov, who developed and perfected the modern balalaika, was the inspiration for the Founder and Owner of Imperskaya Music Co. Boris Kosukhin... visit website

Balalaika pictures


History of Russian balalaika

Balalaika was first mentioned in a document which dates back to XVII century (1688). From this document we learn that Savka Fedoov, a citizen of the city of Arzamas, and Ivashka Fedorov, a peasant, while passing through the Yauza Gates played the balalaika. For such an imprudent behaviour they were flogged and exiled. It would never occur to a civilized person living nowadays that a severe punishment awaited anybody who gave himself to such an innocent occupation as playing the balalaika. But let us recollect the Russian history.

It happened soon after the death of the tsar Alexei Mikhailovich called "The Quietest". This tzar was famous for his hatred towards the popular Russian culture. In 1648 he issued an ukaz where he ordered to collect all musical instruments of the Russian people and to burn them. All those who dared to continue playing them were to be flogged and then exiled to the periphery of the Russian State (Ukraine) more

Free Russian Balalaika Polyphonic Ringtones Download

balalaika ringtonesRussian Balalaika Ringtones provided by Russian music ensemble Barynya from Brooklyn, New York. Russian balalaika, garmoshka, guitar and contrabass balalaika were used to record these ringtones. Download the file to your computer and email to your phone or use any wireless connection such as bluetooth or infra red port to transfer the music... download free balalaika ringtones

Contrabass-Balalaika Buying Guide

This article How to buy contrabass balalaika from experience of Mikhail Smirnov, Director of Russian folk dance and music ensemble Barynya from New York City, USA was published at The BDAA newsletter, The official journal of the Balalaika and Domra Association of America.
 read the full story

120 years old Balalaika

1. This balalaika was brought over with a Russian immigrant between 1910 and before WWI. His widow lived in Chicago. Her daughter gave it to me in 1972... read full story by Will Herzog

Russian balalaika records and mp3 samples

Bibs EkkelBalalaika Virtuoso Bibs Ekkel. Born in 1946 in England of mixed Polish-English background, Bibs Ekkel is both musician and linguist. His career as one of very few outstanding professional balalaika players outside Russia has brought him much recognition worldwide, including in the balalaika's Motherland, where he has performed on radio and TV as well as at Moscow's prestigious "Hall of Columns" and... read more, download MP3

ensemble BarynyaEthnic Russian Music Album recorded by ensemble Barynya in December 2006. Total time 45:46. Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2006. Favorite Russian melodies and songs performed on balalaika, garmoshka, Gypsy guitar, classic guitar, and contrabass... more information, MP3 samples

Barynya 2006Russian folk music, song and dance album. Runtime: 64 minutes. Ensemble Barynya live from Wisconsin. Alex Siniavski (balalaika), Mikhail Smirnov (garmoshka, guitar), Ruslan Khain (c-bass). Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2006. Songs: "The Peddlers", "You stood me up", "Angry mother (bila mene maty)", "Tongue Twister". Dances: "Hopak", "Sailor's Dance", "Barynya", "Kalinka". Balalaika solo: "The Moon is shining", "Chardash"... more info, MP3s, order

Russian Christmas MusicRussian Christmas Music Balalaika Album. Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski, Mikhail Smirnov (guitar). Runtime: 51 minutes. Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2005. 25 Russian folk songs, dances, tunes, favorite Christmas and Holiday selections such as "Carol of Bells", "Deck The Halls", "Father Frost", "Jingle Bells", "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas", "Joy To The World", "Folk Carol from Smolensk", "Snowstorm", "Snegoorochka"... more information, MP3 samples

Sergey GusarovSergey Gusarov" Russian folk songs and balalaika music album recorded with ensemble Barynya. Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2004. Russian folk music, tunes, songs and dances including title song Sergey Gusarov. Runtime: 65 minutes... more information, MP3 samples

Barynya Russian folk songsBalalaika music album "Barynya Russian folk songs" recorded with balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski. Runtime: 35m 09s, Cover Art: Yury Tarler. Album released by AS IZ Recording. Philadelphia, PA. 2003. There are Russian folk tunes, dances and songs including "Evening bells", "Kalinka", "Katyusha", "Moscow Nights" and "Dark Eyes"... MP3 samples, order

Balalaika tutorial on DVD


9.   ROLLS
Alex Siniavski. Author of Balalaika tutorial on DVD


Alex Siniavski has made it possible for everyone to have private lessons in their own home with his wonderful "12-step program" for balalaika players, and potentially achieve intermediate (or, perhaps, virtuoso ?) level...

...Has your balalaika technique become unmanageable? Alex's DVD, The Balalaika Tutorial, with its extremely useful downward camera angle... .imagine looking down from your own eyes to your right hand.. .can repair all the damage that years of playing without a virtuoso teacher have done. Using mainly Svyetit Mesyats (Bright Moon), Alex walks you through strumming, thumb pizzicato, pizzicato vibrato, double and single pizzicato, tremolo, rolls, combinations of techniques, tips for the left hand and learning tunes, and some fantastic cross-string scale and chord scale exercises... read more from Judy Sherman's article

Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 1. Strumming
lesson 1
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 2. THUMB PIZZICATO
lesson 2
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 3. PIZZICATO VIBRATO, THUMB VIBRATO, HARMONICS
lesson 3
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 4. DOUBLE PIZZICATO
lesson 4
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 5. SINGLE PIZZICATO
lesson 5
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 6. TREMOLO
lesson 6
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 7. Rolls
lesson 7
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 8. Country Folk Balalaika
lesson 8
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 9. Left Hand position
lesson 9
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 10. LEARNING A SONG
lesson 10
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 11. SCALES
lesson 11
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 12. BASIC CHORDS
lesson 12

Balalaika player’s Christmas Diary (by Mikhail Smirnov)

1985. Leningrad Conservatory

An elderly man dressed in a thick gray coat brought in an old balalaika. He said he wanted to sell it to the best balalaika student. The Professor thought it over and decided that the right to buy this balalaika by a famous russian luthier Nalimov, also called the Balalaika Stradivarius, belongs to Alyosha Siniavski.
Needless to mention that the amount of hastily gathered 1,500 rubles would have been enough to buy a brand new domestic car or to bribe a Party bureaucrat.

1991. Long Island, NY. 1st string

Right before the New Year with a merry zing went the string. Broke, that is. I ran to the music store on Glen Cove Road. My English is nonexistent. I show to the sales guy my balalaika and the broken string. In return he shows me $20. Everybody watches us with a vivid interest. I am thinking to myself that my Moscow Olympic Games 80 balalaika is worth about $2 dollars and that 20 bucks is way over my budget. Later I whined a string from a guitarist who played in Garanyan-Frumkin’s jazz orchestra.
That trophy string is still intact although very rusty. Strings are expensive and usually are not a tax deduction no matter what income tax advice you get.

1992. Harrisburg, PA

We are hanging out at a local bar where a pint of beer is 40 cents. Our English is O.5 per cent. Conversation with the barman:
- Where are you guys from?
- We is from Brooklyn.
The barman says to his buddy:
- Them people from Brooklyn can’t speak no English.
We are proud that for the first time somebody took us for the Americans... read more

Black cats dressed in Russian folk costumes with balalaikas

Russian folk costume designer Svetlana Gavrilova has made a set of black cats dressed in Russian costumes with balalaikas. To view all photos you may need to join the balalaika group on Google network

Svetlana Gavrilova: Balalaika cats dressed in Russian folk costumes
to view all cats with balalaikas dressed in Russian folk costumes

Как исполнять тремоло на балалайке

За более чем столетнюю историю развития балалайки накоплен немалый опыт в области методики и педагогики, но среди специалистов – балалаечников по многим вопросам нет единого мнения. На наш взгляд это объясняется тем, что отсутствует соответствующая теоретическая и методическая литература, такая как у скрипачей, пианистов и других исполнителей. Переиздаваемые из года в год пособия по обучению игре на балалайке представляют собой элементарные самоучители, в которых многие положения, касающиеся технологии исполнения, были отвергнуты современной исполнительской практикой. Тем не менее, было бы несправедливым не отметить отдельные работы, появившиеся в разные годы становления и развития исполнительской, методической и педагогической мысли балалаечников.

Первые опыты написания различных школ и самоучителей связаны с так называемым «Андреевским» периодом становления инструмента и исполнительства на нем. Популярность В.В. Андреева, выступавшего с пятиладовой балалайкой, была настолько велика, что в конце XIX века назрела необходимость издания пособия для желающих научиться играть на этом инструменте. Поэтому в 1887 году В.В. Андреев совместно с П.К. Селиверстовым издает «Школу игры на пятиладовой балалайке». В начале девяностых годов выходят школы-самоучители И. Деккер-Шенка, Б.Бабкина и Ф. Пасербского, а также школа В.Андреева для хроматической балалайки. Уместно вспомнить школы-самоучители Н. Куликова, Ф. Фойтик, А.Шевелева и др., изданные в период с 1890 по 1898 годы.
статья полностью

Александр Никитич Рожков

А. Н. Рожков родился в сентябре 1893 года в селе Петухово, которое расположено в 40 километрах от Томска. Село было основано выходцами из Центральной России, которых прельстили бескрайние сибирские просторы, леса и пашни. Вместе со своим нехитрым скарбом и домашней утварью они привезли и музыкальные инструменты. Свои первые музыкальные впечатления Саша Рожков получил именно в своем селе на различных вечеринках и праздниках. У мальчика был прекрасный слух, что было особенно важно для деревенского музыканта, не знающего нот.

В начале XX века семья Рожковых переезжает в Томск, где Александр поступает в приходское городское училище. В этот период он посещает Бесплатную городскую библиотеку Петра Макушина, где были кружки по интересам, в том числе и музыкальные.

Необходимо сказать, что на рубеже XIX - XX веков в Томске начинают возникать оркестры балалаечников и мандолинистов или, как тогда их называли, Великорусские оркестры. Толчком к их появлению послужило несколько обстоятельств, среди которых, несомненно, громадный успех первого Великорусского оркестра народных инструментов, созданного В.В. Андреевым. Слухи о нем дошли и до Томска. Немаловажную роль сыграла и широкая продажа балалаек, домр, гитар, мандолин, организованная в Томских магазинах П. Макушина, А. Смирнова и др. А. Н. Рожков начал посещать занятия кружка в Бесплатной библиотеке, и через некоторое время ему самому удалось организовать небольшой оркестр народных инструментов... статья полностью

Balalaika concert at the Russian consulate NYC, New York, USA

Elina Karokhina, Mikhail Smirnov, Leonid Bruk and singer Irina Zagornova at the RUSAL USA corporate party.

Barynya at the Russian Consulate NYC
All photos from the event at the Russian Consulate in NYC


For the price quote email or call (201) 981-2497.

Balalaika players, ensembles and virtuosos

Lina Karokhina
  Lina Karokhina - balalaika player from Boston, MA.

Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
  Alex Siniavski balalaika and Gypsy guitar virtuoso from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

New York Balalaika Orchestra
  New York Balalaika Orchestra performs at Russian Orthodox weddings, fundraising balls, large scale social events, Doctor Zhivago's style corporate parties.

Russian Balalaika Duo
  Russian Balalaika Duo: Alex Siniavski and Mikhail Smirnov with program of Russian, Ukrainian, Gypsy, Cossack, Klezmer, and international music and songs performed on balalaika, garmoshka and guitars. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.

Russian Balalaika and Garmoshka Duo
  Russian Balalaika and Garmoshka Duo - Sasha Resitor-balalaika, Mikhail Smirnov - guitar, garmoshka.

Balalaika virtuoso Sasha Ressetar
  Sasha (Alexander) Ressetar - Balalaika virtuoso from Harrisburg, PA.

Balalaika prime Simon Lemberskiy
  Balalaika prime Simon Lemberskiy from Brooklyn, New York.

Balalaika virtuoso Lev Zabeginsky
  Balalaika virtuoso Lev Zabeginsky from New York City.

Balalaika contrabass Leonid Bruk
  Balalaika Contrabass player Leonid Bruk from Brooklyn, New York.

New York Balalaika Duo
  New York Balalaika Duo - balalaika player Lev Zabeginsky and Mikhail Smirnov (vocals, garmoshka, guitar).

Kalinka Duo: Sergey Vashchenko-balalaika, Vladimir Kaliazine-bayan, Austin, TX
  Kalinka Duo - Sergey Vashchenko-balalaika, Vladimir Kaliazine-bayan from Austin, TX.

Sergey Vashchenko
  Balalaika virtuoso Sergey Vashchenko from Austin, TX.

Balalaika stooges
Balalaika Stooges.

The Balalaika Russe. Photo by Martin Koenig
  The Balalaika Russe - Russian balalaika band photos and story.

Tum Balalaika
  Tum Balalaika - Russian, Jewish, Ukranian, Gypsy band from Chicago, Illinois.

San Fransisco Balalaikas
  San Fransisco Balalaikas - Russian music ensemble from California. video


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