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Female Piano and Vocal Duo

Alessia and Ilaria The charm of the classic in the most brazen modernity delivered by Alessia and Ilaria Female Piano and Vocal Duo. In the music scene this project imposes as a new blend of purest classicism and the most daring modernity: Alessia and Ilaria (Russian: Алеся и Илария) are two wonderful pianists and singers, both graduated from the conservatory. In the project the piano virtuosity and the tradition intersects with the excitement and immediacy of pop music, from which draws the concept of "duet". Classical music is allowed as a quote, but at the same time becomes bold interpretation of modern and vice versa the component pop branches and turns, crossing with the pure classicism. A classic composition can become unexpectedly a song, in which the voice imposes instead of the piano, on the contrary an original melodic idea can grow and express themselves through the notes of the greatest piano composers. The duel between two beautiful musicians is not only stylish but also conceptual: the piano becomes an instrument of each of their immediate expression. The show traditional and modern is absolutely unprecedented, and finely puts together talent, skills, culture, beauty and sensuality, creating a new musical form that travels constantly poised on three tracks: classical, modern and authorship.


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Female Piano Vocal Duo "Mozart" video

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Female Piano Vocal Duo "You Look So Good" video

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Alessia and Ilaria