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Ensemble Barynya, photo by Dalia Bagdonaite, Russian Cossack dance Ensemble Barynya, photo by Dalia Bagdonaite, Russian Cossack dance Ensemble Barynya, photo by Dalia Bagdonaite, Russian Cossack dance

COSSACK DANCERS have entertained audiences of all ages in the America, Europe and Asia, performing a traditional Cossack dance routine consisting acrobatic tumbles, jumps, breathtaking spins, splits, leaps and the infamous Cossack kicks. COSSACK DANCERS are based in New York City. The company consists of nine male and six female dancers. All dancers of the company are highly trained professionals who reproduce the ethnic Cossack dances in stage adapted form. Explosively energetic Cossack Dancers are available for all types of corporate Events, weddings, festivals and functions.

Cossack song and dance program includes folk dances and songs: Cossack dance Varen'ka, Cossack dance "By the Field", "Hopak", Cossack traditional song "Ty Zarya", Cossack traditional table song "By the field" - "Pri Luzhke", Cossack table song "Po Donu Gulyaet", Skorogovorka "Tongue Twister" (solo), "Cossack folk songs medley" (solo), Cossack Ballad "Stenka Razin's Dream", Cossack Marching song "Snezhochki", Cossack Marching Song "Beyond the Don River"... read more, view photos and videos.

Detroit, Michigan, November 2012

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For fast price quote and information please send an email to or call Mikhail Smirnov at +1(201) 981-2497.

Cossack dance performance during basketball game NJ NETS vs Utah JAZZ on January 19th, 2011 at the Prudential Center arena in Newark, New Jersey, USA.

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...This was an evening of Russian culture at the Prudential Arena in Newark, New Jersey (USA)... Dancers Alexey Maltsev, Petr Tikhonov, Vitaly Verterich, Ilia Pankratov, Danila Sherstobitov, Andrei Kisselev, Andrij Cybyk, Boulat Moukhametov have performed during a timeout during the game for over NJ NETS 10,000 fans.

Cossack dancers, NJ Nets vs Utah Jazz. January 19th, 2011. Prudential Center
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International dance competition "Superstars of Dance", NBC, 2009.

Cossack dancers of New York based ensemble Barynya were competing at the SUPERSTARS OF DANCE, international dance competition led by executive producers Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller (American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance). The show hosted by Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) and Susie Castillo, a former Miss USA, premiered on NBC network on January 4th and aired through January 26th, 2009. Dancers Yaroslaw Dobriansky, Vasiliy Myshletsov, Ilia Streltsov, Aleksey Klyuchnikov, Danila Sherstobitov, Alexey Maltsev, Alexander Rudoy, and Alex Sizov performed a Cosssack dance routine choreographed by Vitaly Verterich. Cossack costumes made by famous Russian folk costumes designer Svetlana Gavrilova. Artistic Director of Barynya Mikhail Smirnov was one of eight judges to decide which country will take home the coveted Trophy. Mikhail was not able to vote for Cossack dancers or the Russian team.

Barynya Cossack dancers at the "Superstars of Dance", NBC, 2009, Photo courtesy Chris Haston/NBC
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World On Stage Dance Festival, Stamford, Connecticut, May 2009.

"World On Stage" Dance Festival took place in Stamford, Connecticut on May 2, 2009 at the "Palace Theatre" (61 Atlantic Street, Stamford, Connecticut 06901). Dancers: Mikhail Nesterenko, Andrei Kesselev, Aleksey Klyuchnikov, Alexey Maltsev, Alexander Rudoy. Photos by Dalia Bagdonaite. Click thumbnails to enlarge images and view full size high-resolution pictures.

Ensemble Barynya, photo by Dalia Bagdonaite, Russian Cossack dance Ensemble Barynya, photo by Dalia Bagdonaite, Russian Cossack dance Ensemble Barynya, photo by Dalia Bagdonaite, Russian Cossack dance

January 8, 2012. Association of Performing Arts Presenters-2012, New York City

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Watch all photos and videos from APAP|NYC|2012

American Museum of Natural History, Oct 2011, New York City (corporate event)

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Barynya Russian Cossack Dancers NYC

Barynya Russian Cossack Dancers NYC

All photos and videos from performance at the museum of Natural History in New York City

Cossack song and dance Varen'ka, Midwest tour 2008

PEPSICO WORLD HEADQUOTERS, September, 2006, Purchase, NY

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Cossack dancers at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ

Male Cossack dancers of ensemble Barynya provided four top energy Cossack dance performances with amazing tricks, high jumps, knee-bending Kozatsky moves during SABOTAGE SHOW at NJPAC on April 2nd and April 3rd, 2018. NJPAC or New Jersey Performing Arts Center is one of the largest performing art centers in the United States. Exact address: 1 Center St, Newark, NJ 07102. Cast of dancers included best Cossack dancers: Andrei Kisselev, Aliaksandr Anatska, Danila Sherstobitov, Konstantin Tulinov, and Vladimir Nikitin.

Cossak Dance Troupe, NJPAC, Newark, NJ, April 2018
Cossak Dance Troupe at Jewish Orthodox Event at NJPAC, Newark, New Jersey, April 2018

Ukrainian, Russian, Don, Kuban, Ural, and Terek Cossack - old photos

old photos of Ukrainian Russian Don Kuban Ural Terek Cossack
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Rostov Don Cossacks State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble
  Rostov Don Cossacks - Rostov Don Cossack State Academic song and dance ensemble from Rostov-Na-Donu, Russia. Program of traditional Cossack dancing, music and songs.

  Ensemble "Barynya" from New York - traditional Russian dance and music show. Barynya is a unique group of top soloists: musicians, singers and dancers who were trained and performed with world-known companies such as Don Cossacks of Rostov, Andreev State symphonic balalaika orchestra, Moscow State center of "Russian Song". Artistic Director Mikhail Smirnov.


VIA ROMEN - traditional Romany Gypsy Roma Romani music and dance ensemble. Artistic Director Vadim Kolpakov.

  "Canary" from Los Angeles, California - Russian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Gypsy and Jewish traditional dance company. Artistic Director Youri Nelzine.

New York Russian dance trio
  New York Russian dance trio - Cossacks, Ukrainian and Russian Gypsy dances, music and songs. Different set of costumes for each dance.

Cossack Spirit
  "Cossack Spirit" from New York founded by dancer and singer Valentina Kvasova, singer Victoria Pichurova and Russian button accordion virtuoso Victor Danilochkin in 2007. Ensemble performs Cossack folk music, songs and dances. All members of the group are highly trained in former USSR performers.


For fast price quote and information please send an email to or call Mikhail Smirnov at +1(201) 981-2497.

Rostov Don Cossacks
Rostov Don Cossacks, Russian State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble
Russian State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble

Barynya Entertainment established in 1991 (on-line since 1998). Cabaret, Vegas, can-can, musicians, singers, masters of ceremonies, folk dancers, wedding bands, disc jockeys, jazz, storytellers, folk dance troupes, traditional music ensembles, Bellydancers, Jewish, Ukrainian, Gypsy, one-man-bands.

is the biggest Russian dance and music company outside of Russia. Barynya (Ru: Барыня) performs Russian, Gypsy, Cossack, Jewish and Ukrainian traditional dances, songs and music with live accompaniment of balalaika, domra, garmoshka, Gypsy guitar, bayan and contrabass balalaika

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