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Music and Song of Old Russia and the Russian Diaspora. Legends of Russian immigration: Pyotr Lescenko, Russian Gypsy chanson performer Alyosha Dimitrievich, Russian Gypsy singer Zhenya Shevchenko, singer Gari Nova and Russian balalaika band "The Balalaika Russe", Bibs Ekkel and his group "Tziganka", singer Nikolai Massenkoff and other performers of Russian and Gypsy music ourside of Russia.

Russian singer Pyotr Leshchenko

Pyotr Leshchenko Russian singer Pyotr Leshchenko - "The King of Russian Tango" - was born on June 14, 1898 a citizen of the Russian Empire in village Isaeva. His father was a clerk, mother - illiterate. During the First World War, his mother and stepfather moved to Kishinev (now part of Moldavia) which was later annexed by Romania. As a result Leshchenko has been claimed as a national by Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. He sang almost exclusively in the Russian language. In his early childhood he sang in a church choir and learned how to play the balalaika and the guitar... read more, download mp3

Alyosha Dimitrievich - Russian Gypsy chanson performer

Alyosha Dimitrievich Alyosha Dimitrievich (Dimitrievich Aleksey Ivanovich) was born on March 23, 1913 at the Northern part of Russian Imperia, at the DAL'NY VOSTOK, (close to CHINA) in Roma (Gypsy) family that made living by traveling from town to town, singing and dancing. Alyosha was the forth and the last child in the family. In the end of the Russian Civil War (about 1920-1921) Dimitrievich family with the Army of the General Kolchak moved from Vladivostok to Kharbin, running from the communists regime. They traveled from Hong Kong to Java, Sumatra, Ceylon, Birma (Barma) and Calcutta and many other places and countries. ... read more

Russian Gypsy singer Zhenya Shevchenko

Zhenya Shevchenko Shevchenko Zhenya (Eugenia Pavlovna) - performer of Russian and Gypsy (Roma) songs and romances from New York City. She was born in Kiev in 1927, in 1942 immigrated with her family to Prague. She has a unique voice - deep contralto. In the United States she took voice lessons from L.F. Shalyapina. In Paris she was working as a singer and dancer in restaurant "Balalaika", where she learned a few songs from Gypsy chanson genius Alyosha Dimitrievich. For some time she was a makeup consultant for Jacqueline Kennedy. Zhenya likes swimming, photography and does fortune-telling professionally. In 1956 she was in the movie "Anastasia" with Ingrid Bergman and Yul Brynner - in restaurant scene she is singing "Moscow, the Gold Domed One..." ("Maskva Zlatoglavaya"). In 1992 she was touring in Russia where she recorded two compact disks titled "The Queen of Gypsy Song" ("Koroleva Tsyganskoi Pesni")... pictures, mp3 files

Bibs Ekkel: musician, composer and linguist

Bibs Ekkel Born in 1946 in England of mixed Polish-English background, Bibs Ekkel is both musician and linguist. His career as one of very few outstanding professional balalaika players outside Russia has brought him much recognition worldwide, including in the balalaika's Motherland, where he has performed on radio and TV as well as at Moscow's prestigious "Hall of Columns" and "Tchaikovsky Hall".

In addition to concerts, cabarets, recordings, movie soundtracks, radio and TV he has had speaking and playing roles in many films and BBC-TV productions, where he has also worked as advisor on Romany or Russian music themes for movies such as: "The Man Who Knew Too Little", "The Saint", "Yasha the Liar".

He has lectured on Balalaika, Russian Gypsy music and language at a variety of US Universities, co-authored a BBC radio educational series and written and presented programs on another subject, the Russian singer Peter Lescenco, for BBC World Service. ... read more, mp3

Russian folk singer Nikolai Massenkoff

Nikolai Massenkoff Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian and Gypsy singer Nikolai Massenkoff born of Russian parents in the "White Russian" community in China.

At the age of three Nikolai was put in the St. Tichon Orphanage in Shanghai, China, established by St. Archbishop John (Maksimovich) of Shanghai, later of San Francisco. At the age of twelve Nikolai arrived in San Francisco, California, after staying two years on Phillipine Islands with other "white russian" immigrants.

In 1975, Nikolai founded the MASSENKOFF RUSSIAN FOLK FESTIVAL, a festival of russian music song and dance because of love for his Russian heritage... read more, pictures, mp3

Singer Gary Nova and balalaika band "The Balalaika Russe"

Gary Nova GARY NOVA (voice and guitar) has been singing Russian and Ukrainian songs ever since he can remember, starting out as a youth in his native Ukraine, and picking up the guitar somewhere along the way. Known as "The Russian Crooner," he has made many appearances throughout the United States and Europe, in places such as Lincoln Center in New York City, and The Palace in Gstadd, Switzerland. His recording on the Armen label of "I Remember Russia," a fine example of his talent, has been extremely popular in the Russian emigre community in America... read more, pictures

The Balalaika Russe album "Heart On The Snow"

Balalaika RusseThe Balalaika Russe - "Heart On The Snow" Album Since its inception in the early 1970's, the BALALAIKA RUSSE has grown in popularity and proficiency and is now considered the finest ensemble of its kind in the USA. This colorful sextet has performed from Washington to Maine and Europe, at such venues as society balls and affairs, at local church halls, outdoor concerts and festivals, weddings, club dates, and on the concert stage.... MP3 samples, order

Tracks from this recording are available to download for free for all members of a Russian dance, music and song ensemble BARYNYA group on Yahoo. Email addresses of group members never shared with anybody ever. Mikhail Smirnov, director and founder of Barynya posts there dates of upcoming performances, news, new albums and dvd releases. Group is moderated, unrelated spam is not welcome... read group archives.

Track 01: Gori, Gori, Lyubov Tsyganki ("Burn, Burn, Gypsy Love") MP3
Track 02: Krasota Rossii ("The Beauty of Russia") MP3
Track 03: Moyi Tsyganochki ("My Dear Gypsies") MP3
Track 04: Odesskaya Panama ("My Dear Wore a Panama Hat") MP3
Track 05: Shto Mne Gore ("What's Grief to Me?") MP3
Track 06: Bandura Medley (Ukrainian Folk Songs) MP3
Track 07: Serdtse na Snegu ("Heart on the Snow") MP3
Track 08: Konfetki, Baranochki ("Candy and Cakes") MP3
Track 09: Propil Styopa ("Steve Got Drunk") MP3
Track 10: Uralskaya Ryabinushka ("The Ural Rowan Tree") MP3
Track 11: "Springtime" Polka MP3
Track 12: Cheremshyna ("The Cherry Tree") MP3
Track 13: Bal'naya Lezginka (Ballroom folk dance "Lezginka") MP3
Track 14: Khochu Lyubit ("I Want to Love") MP3
Track 15: Podmoskovnye Vechera ("Moscow Nights") MP3
Track 16: Rushnychok ("The Embroidered Cloth") MP3
Track 17: Kohanochka ("Sweetheart") MP3
Track 18: Snegopad ("Snowfall") MP3
Track 19: Korobushka ("The Peddler's Pack") MP3
Track 20: Russian Tango Medley MP3
Track 21: Polso ("Why Fall in Love?") MP3
Track 22: Laska Waltz ("Caress Waltz") MP3
Track 23: Soldiers' Songs MP3

Russian Dance and music ensemble "Barynya"

Barynya Russian folk dance and music trio "Barynya" was founded in November 1991 by Russian accordion player Mikhail Smirnov, dancer Sasha Anchutin, and Russian folk singer Natalia Demidova. The first show took place at the Russian restaurant "Fyodoroff" in Carle Place, New York. Ensemble Barynya performes songs from repertoire of Pyotr Lescenko, Alyosha Dimitrievich, Zhenya Shevchenko. Musicians of Barynya ensemble had an honer to accompany Zhenya Shevchenko and Gary Nova in New York... pictures, music

Pyotr Leshchenko Club

The Peter Lescenko Club, organized in 1991, is named after the most famous singer of the Russian Diaspora and father of the Russian tango Peter Konstantinovich Leschenko (or, according to the standard spelling of the timeLescenko). The great bass Fedor Chaliapine called Lescenco a record singer, as his records sold millions of copies throughout the world.

The organizer and leader of the club is Alexander Petrov. The club promotes the music of Old Russia that is our heritage. It organizes concerts, radio shows, as well as Festivals of the Songs of the Russian Diaspora. The clubs concerts were televised in the 1990s, but with the commercialization of television, such concerts are no longer aired. The Club has practically... read more

Russian singers for hire

Aleksander Menshikov
  Russian Gypsy and popular songs singer Alexander Menshikov from Cliffside Park, New Jersey performs with his Russian Wedding Band 5GRAND.US, ensemble Barynya or solo. He studied singing at The Gnesin's Academy in Moscow, Russia.

Yakov Yavno
  Acclaimed Russian Jewish singer and actor from New York Yakov Yavno

Piques Dames
  Piques Dames perform in the New York metropolitan area. Their repertoire includes a variety of Slavic and European Classical and Folk vocal music as well as compositions from operatic and sacred classics.

Yury Mitchenko
  Singer, keyboard player, MC Yury Mitchenko is available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania

Singer Abdula Kazil
  Abdula - popular and traditional songs from Caucasus Mountains. video

Lyudmila Fesenko
  Lyudmila Fesenko - opera singer from New York. video

Sergei Pobedinski
  Russian singer Sergei Pobedinski from New York City, USA

Irina Zagornova
  Russian folk singer Irina Zagornova from New York, USA

Vasily Yankovich
  Classical Russian Gypsy singer Vasily Yankovich was named the best Tsygansky (Russian Roma Gypsy) singer in the United States. Available in New York, New Jersey and internationally.

Vadim Kolpakov
  Gypsy Roma singer and dancer, 7-string guitar virtuoso Vadim Kolpakov

Svetlana Smirnova Yury Selivanov
  Honored performers of Russia Svetlana Smirnova and Yury Selivanov from Moscow, Russia

Mikhail Smirnov
  Russian folk singer and garmoshka player Mikhail Smirnov from Fort Lee, New Jersey performs authentic Russian folk songs and tongue twisters.

Nina Selivanova
  Russian folk singer Nina Selivanova from Moscow, Russia

Nikolai Massenkoff
  Russian, Ukrainian and Gypsy singer Nikolai Massenkoff from San Francisco, California

Tanya Matveeva
  Russian folk singer Tanya Matveeva from Moscow, Russia

Marina Zhuravlyova
  Russian singer Marina Zhuravleva from Calgary, Canada

Vitali Baganov
  Russian bayan player, singer and actor Vitali Baganov from New York City, New York, USA

Valentina Kvasova
  Russian Cossack singer and dancer Valentina Kvasova from New York, USA

Nina Tritenichenko
  Ukrainian singer, musician from San Fransisco, California Nina Tritenichenko

  Olyia - singer, songwriter from New York City.

Kozak Family Trio
  The Kozak Family Trio - Belarusian folk song and music trio from New York.

Danchenko Duo
  Danchenko Duo - Russian Gypsy voilin show from Brooklyn, New York.

Roman Bodrov
  Roman Bodrov - Russian singer, musician, composer from Sergiev Posad, Russia.

Natalia Demidova
  Russian, Ukrainian and Cossacks repertoire Folk singer Natalia Demidova (Natasha) from New York, USA

Victoria Pichurova
  Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian and Gypsy folk singer Victoria Pichurova from Brooklyn, New York, USA

Elena Harris
  Russian singer Elena Harris from Grand Forks, Idaho, USA

Svetlana Yankovsky
  Gypsy singer Svetlana Yankovsky from Las Vegas, Nevada

Alexander Prokhorov
  Russian singer, Bass-baritone Alexander Prokhorov from Boston, Massachusetts was born in Russia. Now he lives in Boston, where he is engaged as one of the performing artists with Boston University's Opera Institute. Alexander has been described as a "true deep bass with tones, that immediately astonished with their midnight-dark, chasm depth of richness and powerful timber..."

Boris Kletinich
  Russian singer (bass-barytone) Boris Kletinich from Montreal, Canada was graduated from the University of Theater Art and Film of Moscow (Russia). During his military service, he was soloist of the Air Force Orchestra and Chorus of the Red Army. Boris can sing different musical forms: Russian popular and love songs, rock and love ballad, the jazz, the popular writings of Broadway, the Jewish and Latin America songs, arias of opera.

  Singer and MC Irina Fogelson from Brooklyn, New York.

Zarina Maliti
  Russian singer Zarina Maliti from Moscow, Russia.

Mila Levine
  Mila - Russian Gypsy singer-songwriter from NYC.

  Twix - show group from Moscow, Russia.

Lilia Barinova
  Lilia Barinova - Russian singer from Argentina. video

Pyotr Leshchenko
  Pyotr Leshchenko - the King of Russian Tango (1898-1954).

Alyosha Dimitrievich
  Alyosha Dimitrievich - Gypsy singer, guitar player (1913-1986).

Zhenya Shevchenko
 Zhenya Shevchenko - Russian Gypsy singer (1927-2009).

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