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"NYC KLEZMER", New York Klezmer Band

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NYC KLEZMER "NYC KLEZMER" - New York based Klezmer Band and Orchestra was founded by Elina Karokhina, famous Russian born balalaika virtuoso. The members of the band are the best musicians in New York City including legendary Sergei Gurbeloshvili, Yaroslav Bell (violin), Leonid Bruk, Yuri Mitchenko, Mikhail Smirnov, and others. The repertoire of the "NYC KLEZMER" includes Jewish, Klezmer, Yiddish, Swing, Gypsy, Jazz, R&B, Israeli, Russian, Hungarian, and Polish Music. "NYC KLEZMER" (Russian: «NYC ΚΛΕΗΜΕΠ») is performing at the performing art centers, libraries, schools, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs as one powerful 12 piece orchestra, or singer/keyboardist/DJ. "NYC KLEZMER" is available for hire in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland, Washington D.C., and other states.

Contact info: email / phone/text: (201) 981-2497


New York Klezmer Band "NYC Klezmer"
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"NYC Klezmer" band at the Queens Botanical Garden, Flushing, New York
all photos and video from Queens Botanical Garden


video from concert at the Temple Sholom in Monticello, NY

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50 min video from Bar Mitzvah party in Queens, New York

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School concert with dancers in Greenwich, CT

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Contact info: email / phone/text: (201) 981-2497


"The New York Synagogue Choir"
  The New York Synagogue Choir, conductor/founder Izchak Haimov. video

Jewish dancers from New York City
  "Mazal Tov" - traditional Jewish dance, song and music show from New York City. video

Yakov Yavno
  Yakov Yavno - Jewish singer and actor from New York City. video

Old Red Wine
  "Old Red Wine" is where Klezmer meets Dixieland. Klezmer and Yiddish Dixieland Band from Brooklyn, New York. Artistic director/founder Shlomo Leiderman. video

Bottle Dancers USA
  "Bottle Dancers USA" - Hasidic, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Klezmer dance show from New York City. video

Tum Balalaika
  "Tum Balalaika" - Russian, Jewish, Ukranian, Gypsy music band from Chicago, Illinois. video

Bottle dancers LA   "Bottle dancers LA" from Los Angeles, California.

Bottle dancer for hire   Bottle dancer for hire in NYC, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Los Angeles, California.

Contact info: email / phone/text: (201) 981-2497