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Russian Gypsy music band from Portland, Oregon

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Miru-Mir Chervona Russian Gypsy Punk-Rock band from Portland Oregon

A Brief History
Combining the sounds of Russian underground rock with a high-energy, alternative twist, the band MiruMir is the next generation of the infamous Starbugs, which began in 1999. After quickly establishing themselves in Portland, as well as developing an extensive catalog of original music, the band Starbugs began to make quite a spectacle of themselves, including attention from the Portland newspapers Willamette Week, Two Louies, and Jam Magazine. Playing a handful of showcases including North by Northwest 2000 and a three-city tour with the legendary Russian band Auktyon, they collaborated in the studio and independently produced their EP "Y2K Bug" in mid-summer 2000.


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Miru-Mir Chervona The band was maturing and it's music was evolving. After teaming up with a couple of new members, Starbugs evolved into the new MiruMir. The new name was influenced by soviet slogan of the "cold war" era and ironically stands in Russian for "Peace to the World". From this transformation and the diversity represented by the members of the band, a unique, dynamic sound was born. To celebrate, they played their first show at Oregon State University's European Night. They also had the honor of playing at the "Almost Famous" Penny Lane's-"First Annual Gypsy Ball" in the summer of 2001.

Who We Are
Miru-Mir Chervona Presently comprised of three Russian members and two Americans, MiruMir combines the talents of these five in a delicious mixture which sets us apart from other bands.

Andre - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Hailing from St.Petersburg, lead singer/guitarist Andre (Angry) Temkin is responsible for MiruMir's catchy Russian phrases and hypnotic melodies. A former radio DJ, his charged enthusiasm contributes much to the band's already high-energy atmosphere.

Miru-Mir Chervona Roman - Bass/Vocals
An extremely talented bassist, Ramon (Ramonoff) Tchamkin is well-known all over Moscow for his musical talents. His intensity and good natured humor are important elements to the band, as well as his extensive experience performing in both Russia and America.

Alexey - Drums
Also a very talented musician, Alexey (E.Butch) Yevstigneev is a powerful drummer and former member of the distinguished group Prosto. He's a lady-killer.

Scotty - Guitar
No stranger to the local PDX music scene, Eli (Scotty) Scott was born and raised in Hawaii. His powerful riffs and remarkable psychedelic sound are a contrast to his cool, peaceful demeanor.

Miru-Mir Chervona Natasha - Backup Vocals
MiruMir's latest addition is an American girl with Russian name - Natasha (DA) Fox. She brings a vibrant, fun presence to the stage and the band's chemistry. Singing back up vocals, shaking percussion and other toys, this beautiful Oregon native whips the crowd into a frenzy.

Little Al
A "Long Distance" member of the band Al (Little Al) Ryskin contributed lots of his time and talent to the band's achievements, writing and recording songs with Andre and MiruMir. He has to stay in New Haven where he works as a resident in one of Connecticut's hospitals. Coming to Portland for recording sessions Little Al dreams of joining the band in the near future.

Miru-Mir Chervona -Upcoming Shows and Information
MiruMir is currently playing lots of shows locally, combining the audio experience with visual effects, to the delight of the fans. Having joined forces with several local videographers, the concert experience is highlighted by film clips which help emphasize the music. Even without knowing Russian, audiences are soon chiming in "Horoshi!" along with the band. And everyone enjoys the uniquely Russian rendition of "Honky Tonk Woman". Many Portland musicians (including Donnie Rife and John Young of Smoochknob, Three Leg Torso, DJ HH, Jan Lichtenberg and David Curtis on guitar) lent their considerable talents to MiruMir's full length album, which is in the final stages of production, waiting final mixdown. Also, three of MiruMir's songs will appear this summer in the compilation CD of the New York label Proforma Records.


Who Can You Trust Here?


Michaela Bancud/Portland Tribune:

" ...the band is a high-energy blend of bohemian bombast and international intrigue. "

Local Copy
Zack Dundas/Willamette Week:

"The Starbugs combine Russian passion and Yankee brawn into nuclear-powered rock."

Local Copy
Zack Dundas/Willamette Week, Volume 26, Issue 46, September 20, 2000:

"Portland's Starbugs match two veterans of the Soviet Union's underground rock scene of the '80s and early '90s and two hard-charging American rockers. When shrieking Russian vox trade off with growling Yankee-style singing, you feel the combined nuclear force of both nations come down hard. "
Rosebud by Robin Rosemond/Two Louies, October 2000:

"...the glow of smiling faces matched the band playing, which I found later were called Starbugs. I liked every song and they had the crowd dancing. Two of the four members are from Russia and the other two are from the states. "

Local Copy


Miru-Mir Chervona
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Miru-Mir Chervona

Miru-Mir Chervona

Miru-Mir Chervona

Miru-Mir Chervona

Miru-Mir Chervona

Miru-Mir Chervona

Miru-Mir Chervona


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