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Russian dancer Elena, ensemble Barynya, New York

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Dancer Elena Notkina is the best Russian Charachter dancer in New York City and the United States. She is currently performing with dancers of ensemble Barynya (among her other projects). Russian folk dance and music ensemble Barynya is based in New York City, USA since 1991. It is the biggest and oldest professional Russian dance and music company show outside of Mother Russia. Elena Notkina first performance with Barynya took place on Saturday May 25th, and Sunday May 26th, 2019 during the Troika Festival in Erie, Pennsylvania. During that festival cast of Barynya ensemble also incuded dancer Maksim Al Names Azizovich, dancer and singer Valentina Kvasova, dancer Alisa Egorova, dancer Viktoria Prosina, Elena Notkina, Ukrainian Cossack dancer Serhiy Tsyganok, dancer Danila Sherstobitov, dancer Veronika Hunko, and musicians: artistic director, singer, balalaika-contrabass, guitar and garmoshka player Mikhail Smirnov, balalaika virtuoso Elina Karokhina.

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Russian dancer Elena Notkina photos

dancer Elena Notkina

dancer Elena Notkina

dancer Elena Notkina

dancer Elena Notkina

dancer Elena Notkina

dancer Elena Notkina.  Photo credit: Kyunguk Kim
Photo credit: Kyunguk Kim

dancer Elena Notkina.  Photo credit: Mark Olich
Photo credit: Mark Olich

dancer Elena Notkina.  Photo credit: Mark Olich
Photo credit: Mark Olich

dancer Elena Notkina.  Photo credit: Theik Smith
Photo credit: Theik Smith

About Russian dancer Elena Notkina

Elena Notkina is a Russian born dancer and choreographer who graduated from The Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia) with Master’s Degree in Dance Performance and Choreography. Elena has been performing with different dance companies (listed below) and “Karambol” State Musical Theatre. Her credits include the following musicals: "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg", "Thumbelina", "Snow White", "Mary Poppins", and others. Throughout her career she has choreographed numerous dance pieces as well as musicals, theater shows and gala events, including Truffaldino Il Servitore (comedy by Carlo Goldoni), The Miser, or School of Lies (comedy by Jean-Baptiste Moliere), Aleko (opera by Sergei Rachmaninoff), My Planet Travel Award Ceremony and many others. Elena's works were presented in festivals. Among them: Dance Canvas Performance Series (Atlanta, GA), WAXworks Showcase (NYC), Nimbus Presents: OFFLINE Pro Arts (Jersey City, NJ), Making Moves Dance Festival (NYC), Window to the East Festival (Warsaw, Poland), Ostrovsky in Ostrovsky's Home Festival (Moscow, Russia) and others. Moreover, Elena received awards such as Fyodor Lopukhov Choreography Competition (special prize) and Youth Festival of Modern Choreography “Runway” (1st prize). Recently Elena was featured in the Off-Broadway show Raskolnikov and The Pawnbroker. A Love Story as an actress and choreographer.

Dancer Elena Notkina Resume


Winfield Historical Times and Other Oddities, Dancer (Julia Cowle/NYU (New York))


Lotte Corporate Music Film_Lotte Way Of LIfe, Ensemble (Dimo Kim Musical Theatre Factory LLC (New York))


Goyescas (dance) - Hub City Opera and Dance Company (New Brunswick, NJ)
Judas (dance) - Dance Canvas (Atlanta, GA)
Seagull (dance) - WAXworks Showcase, Triskelion Arts (NYC)
Christmas Time is Here (dance) - JCBT (Jersey City, NJ)
Raskolnikov and Pawnbroker. Love Story (theatre, Off-Broadway) directed by Lev Shekhtman TRACT Theatre (New York)
Birds (dance) Making Moves Dance Festival (New York))
I Remember It Well (theatre) directed by Alex Notkin Lee Strasberg Theatre (New York)
FREUDissimo (dance) Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
Elegy (dance) Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
Three on the Seesaw (theatre) directed by Ruslan Nanava Satire Theatre on Vasilievsky Ostrov (Russia)
Echelon (theatre) directed by Yuri Popov Victor Savin State Academic Drama Theatre (Russia)
Lubochka (theatre) directed by Igor Yankov Victor Savin State Academic Drama Theatre (Russia)
Truth Is Good, but Happiness Is Better (theatre) directed by Yuri Nesterov Victor Savin State Academic Drama Theatre (Russia)
The Miser, or School of Lies (theatre) directed by Yuri Nesterov Victor Savin State Academic Drama Theatre (Russia)
Sister (dance) Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
Truffaldino Il Servitore (theatre) directed by Rolann Bonnin Victor Savin State Academic Drama Theatre (Russia)
The Music of Silver Spokes (musical) directed by Viktor Kramer Kramer and Co. Production, St. Petersburg Music Hall (Russia)
Aleko (opera) directed by Irina Fokina Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
My Francesca (dance) Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
Buddha Bar Opening Night (gala event) directed by Viktor Kramer Buddha Bar (Russia)
My Planet Award Ceremony (gala event) directed by Sergei Yankovski Theatre "Et Cetera" (Russia)
Nymph Without Minotaur (dance) Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
Me and Myself (fashion show) directed by Viktor Kramer Four Seasons Hotel (Russia)
Salome (dance) Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
Anniversary of SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg (gala event) directed by Sergei Yankovski Concert Hall Octyabrsky (Russia)
Charon (dance) Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
Gariki (opera) directed by Nikolay Panin Glazunov Concert Hall (Russia)


Resident dancer Barynya Folk Music and Dance Ensemble (NYC)
Resident dancer Featured dancer Hanna Q Dance Company (New York)
Resident dancer Featured dancer/Ensemble Dance Visions NY (New York)
Por La Noche Me Liaman (dance) Featured dancer Deirdre Towers/Soaking WET (New York)
What Wondrous Love Is This (dance) Ensemble Fr. Robert VerEecke, SJ/ Church of St. Francis Xavier (New York)
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (musical) Featured dancer/Ensemble Vasiliy Barkhatov/ "Karambol" State Musical Theatre (Russia)
Thumbelina (musical) Ensemble Oleg Levakov/ "Karambol" State Musical Theatre (Russia)
Elegy (dance) Choreographer/ Featured dancer Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
The Stag King (musical) Featured dancer/Ensemble Yuri Alexandrov/ "Karambol" State Musical Theatre (Russia)
FREUDissimo (dance) Choreographer/ Lead Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia)
The Letters of Vertinsky (musical) Colombine (lead)/Ensemble Alex Notkin/ "Karambol" State Musical Theatre (Russia)
The Clock Work Orange (dance) Featured Dancer Eugenia Smirnova
The Three Fat Men (musical) Ensemble Semen Spivak/ "Karambol" State Musical Theatre (Russia)
Bird (dance) Lead Nina Ulyanova
The Lulu's Song (dance) Featured Dancer Eugenia Khrobostova
Petrushka (dance) Ensemble Julia Poskrebysheva
Mary Poppins (musical) Ensemble Leonid Kvinikhidze/ "Karambol" State Musical Theatre (Russia)
Snow White (musical) Ensemble "Karambol" State Musical Theatre (Russia)
Gariki (opera) Choreographer/ Featured dancer Nikolay Panin/ Glazunov Concert Hall (Russia)
Resident dancer Featured dancer/Ensemble Alex Malygin/ Grigorian Dance Company
Resident dancer Featured dancer/Ensemble Natalia Nikitina/ Folk Dance Company (Russia)


The Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia) Choreography Bachelor's and Master's Degree
St. Peteresburg State University of Culture and Arts Dance Certificate
Kursk College of Arts Dance Diploma of Secondary Vocational Education with Honors


Your Move Modern Dance Festival Seagull Jersey City, NJ
KoDaFe in NYC 2019 Seagull Ailey Citigroup Theater (NYC)
Dance Canvas Performance Series Judas (dance) Atlanta, GA
PMT Fall Dance Series Seagull MMAC (NYC)
WAXworks Showcase Seagull Triskelion Arts (NYC)
NumbusPresents: OFFLINE Pro Arts Seagull Jersey City, NJ
PMT Spring Dance Series Sister (Dance) MMAC (NYC)
Making Moves Dance Festival Sister, Birds (Dance) JPAC (NYC)
Youth Festival of Modern Choreography "Runway" (Award) 1 st Prize St. Petersburg, Russia
Fyodor Lopukhov Choreography Competition (Award) Special Prize St. Petersburg, Russia
"Ostrovsky in Ostrovsky’s home" Festival Truth is Good, but Happiness is Better (drama) Moscow, Russia
Window to the East Festival The Letters of Vertinsky (musical) Warsaw, Poland
Festival of Modern Arts Art-Revue - 2010 Gariki (opera) Strelna, Russia


Acting Directing Modeling











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