Haynes Elementary School, Niantic, CT  06357, Connecticut

Russian, Ukrainian, Cossack, Gypsy, Jewish dancers, singers, musicians, Haynes Elementary School in Niantic, Connecticut

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Russian traditional dance, song, and music trio provided 45 min performance of Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Russian Gypsy and Jewish dances, songs, and music on Monday, February 26th, 2018 at the Haynes Elementary School in Connecticut. Exact address of the school: Haynes Elementary School, 29 Society Rd, Niantic, CT 06357. Cast od performers: Russian folk accordion garmoshka player and singer Mikhail Smirnov, Russian Gypsy singer Vasiliy Romani and Ukrainian Cossack dancer Serhiy Tsyganok. Program of performance included Russian folk song with garmoshka "Subboteya" (Russian: ), Russian folk dance "Barynya", popular Russian song "Katyusha", Cossack dance, solo on Russian seven string guitar by Vasily "Vengerka" (), Russian Gypsy Roma song "Kai Yone", Jewish Bottle dance, Russian song "My darling" ( ), Ukrainian folk song and dance Pidmanoola, Russian Tongue-Twisters Medley (), Russian Alphabet Lesson, Russian folk dance lesson, Russian folk dance "Kalinka", Russian folk song "Korobushka" performed with students on percussian instruments, and dance of Russian Bear.

Contact information: email msmirnov@yahoo.com, phone/text (201) 981-2497

Mikhail Smirnov, Vasiliy Romani, Serhiy Tsyganok, Haynes Elementary School, 29 Society Rd, Niantic, CT  06357, Connecticut
Haynes Elementary School, Niantic, Connecticut

About Vasily Romani, singer, 7 string guitar player:
Russian Gypsy singer Vasiliy Romani was born in Ufa, Russia. He is a professional singer-vocalist who studied in famous Gnesin music school in Moscow, Russia. Vasiliy was named the best Roma (Gypsy) singer in the United States recently. Known expert in Russian Gypsy music Vasiliy hails from the Moscow Gypsy Theater Romen and is now based in New York City. He has toured extensively nationally and internationally and led his group NYC Gypsy Band in a concert at the Carnegie Hall. Vasily sings classical Gypsy songs and romances, he also has a big repertoire of Russian, Ukrainian, Italian and international popular songs. Vasiliy performs solo, with ensemble Barynya, his own band, Moscow Gypsy Army show, musicians, dancers, and other singers, dancers, and musicians.

Russian Gypsy singer Vasiliy Romani
Russian Gypsy singer Vasiliy Romani

About Serhiy Tsyganok, dancer:
Ukrainian dancer Sergey Tshnok was born in L'viv, Ukraine in 1982. He started dancing with kids' folk dance ensemble "Iskorka" under direction of his mother Liliya Yurievna Tsyganok. In 1996 he started dancing with teens' traditional Ukrainian dancer troupe "Karpaty" under direction of Honored Artist of Ukraine Mihailo Vanivsky. From 1997 through 2002 he stadied dancing and choreography at the L'viv State College of The Culture and Arts. Graduated in 2002. At the same time as he was a student at the L'viv State College of The Culture and Arts he was dancing with Jewish Dance Ensemble "MAZAL TOV" and Polish Dance Troupe "L'vovyatsy". With "MAZAL TOV" and "L'VOVYATSY" groups Serhiy performed locally in Ukraine, and internationally. In 2003 he graduated with Diploma of completion special training in Polish Traditional dancing from Lyublin's University of Maria Skladovsky in Poland. In 2003 Serhiy joined dance troupe to work 18 months contract with the show Sharm L Sheikh in Egypt. In 2006-2012 he was performing with various dance projects in Turkey, Israel and Dubai. In 2013 he started working as a dancer on cruise ships all over the world. In the summer 2014 Serhiy made his home in the United States of America. He started working with various Ukrainian groups, dance and music ensemble Barynya, Moscow Gypsy Army, Can-Can Cabaret Dance Show, and others. Serhiy speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and English.

Ukrainian Cossack dancer Serhiy Tsyganok, Ukrainian National Dance Hopak, Maryland, Slavic Heritage Festival, St Mary's Assumption Eastern Rite Church, Joppa, MD, U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Kalie Jones
Ukrainian Cossack dancer Serhiy Tsyganok performing Ukrainian National Dance Hopak

About Mikhail Smirnov, garmoshka and guitar player, vocalist:
Artistic director of Barynya ensemble Mikhail Smirnov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1966.  Mikhail is the founder of ensemble Barynya based in New York City, author of many articles about traditional Russian dance, music and instruments in English and Russian.  Mikhail received his Master's degree from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. As a child, he was a member of the famous "Moscow Boys Chorus" - one of the most prestigious all-male choirs in Russia. Before coming to the United States in 1991, Mikhail was a soloist in a several Russian folk dance and music groups including the Moscow State Center for Russian song, "Russkaya Pesnya", under the direction of Nadezhda Babkina.  In January 2009 Mikhail Smirnov and dancers of ensemble Barynya were featured on national TV, NBC's "SUPERSTARS OF DANCE" - breathtaking international dance competition led by executive producers Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller (American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance).  This prestigious dance competition hosted by Michael Flatley ("Lord of the Dance") and Susie Castillo, a former Miss USA. Mikhail Smirnov was one of eight judges to decide which country will win.  The show premiered on NBC network.

Mikhail Smirnov performing folk song Korobushka

Ensemble Barynya is available for hire for Performing Art Centers, school assemblies, festivals, colleges, universities, libraries, concert halls, restaurants, private and corporate events as one powerful ensemble or in smaller groups.


Mikhail Smirnov, Vasiliy Romani, Serhiy Tsyganok, Haynes Elementary School, 29 Society Rd, Niantic, CT  06357, Connecticut
Haynes Elementary School, Niantic, Connecticut

Haynes Elementary School, 29 Society Rd, Niantic, CT  06357, Connecticut
Haynes Elementary School, Niantic, Connecticut

Haynes Elementary School, 29 Society Rd, Niantic, CT  06357, Connecticut
Haynes Elementary School, Niantic, Connecticut


Subboteya, Barynya, Cossack dance

watch this video on www.youtube.com website

Russian folk dance workshop, Kalinka

watch this video on www.youtube.com website

Jewish Bottle dance

watch this video on www.youtube.com website


Highly entertaining
   Judy Christie, Asst. Principal @ Devereux Center in Red Hook, New York
Mikhail was a great host, funny, friendly; Sergio great dancer and Guitarist had a beautiful voice.
   Shellie Setum, CE Coordinator @ Sunnyside Elementary in Shelton, Connecticut
Overall feedback was good! The show started off slow but really picked up. Thank you
   Amy Baram, Programs @ Hillendale Elementary in Chadsford, Pennsylvania
We have several Russian students in our school and a teacher. It was wonderful to see them connect with the performers. Excellent show! Enjoyed by all
   Anna Mette-Hansell, Teacher @ Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
They were on time, easy to work with. An excellent exposure to Russian culture and language. Thank you.
   Carrie Lipshin, PTA @ Carroll Manor Elementary in Baldwin, Maryland
The performers arrived early, were extremely professional and put on a fantastic show!
   Julie Whitehouse, PTA @ Hunt Valley Elementary in Springfield, Virginia
The group was excellent. They did some interaction with the students. Music was great!
   Mary Kay Hennessy, Principal @ St. Norbert School in Paoli, Pennsylvania
This group was great! The students were all engaged and really enjoyed the show. They arrived on time and were very professional.
   Liz Legere, PTO @ Cherry Brook Primary School in Canton, Connecticut
Very engaging and flexible with time because of our buses.
   Michele Rowland, Asst. Principal @ Rodgers Forge Elementary in Baltimore, Maryland
Very entertaining. A nice mix of traditional Russian music and dance with colorful costumes/traditional dress. The students learned some basic Russian vocabulary words too.
   Heather Jeanne, Principal @ Enadia Technology Charter School in West Hills, California
Enjoyed the sharing of the Russian language.
   Eva Matthews, Principal @ Park View Elementary in Ripon, California
We enjoyed the program.
   Nancy Whitson, Head of School @ St Patricks Day School in Thousand Oaks, California
Our students enjoyed the rhythms and the energetic dancing. The performers were friendly and very talented.
   Mary Stadler, Counseling Director @ Stanbridge Academy in San Mateo, California
Wonderful Great interaction with the kids
   Leana Wright, PTO @ Willow Creek Elementary in Tomball, Texas
We chose this program because we wanted to expose our students to the beautiful culture, music, dance, traditional costumes, language of Russia. The three performers did a wonderful job entertaining and engaging our students.
   Barbara LaCorte Principal @ Hope Elementary in Santa Barbara, California
The children were very enthusiastic about the show. They got exposure to a different culture through songs, dance, instruments, costumes and the language of Russia. There was also audience involvement.
   Myron Cohen, Teacher @ P. S. 276 in Brooklyn, New York
Very entertaining! We enjoyed the show!
   Todd Anderson, Headmaster @ Wayne Country Day School in Goldsboro, North Carolina
Great program! Very enthusiastic and great for all ages.
   Ashley Wammack, ASB Director @ Jewell School in Seaside, Oregon
Very entertaining. I would highly recommend.
   Dawn Roberts, Principal @ Southern Highlands Prep School in Las Vegas, Nevada
Great assembly! Our school enjoyed the song, dance and introduction to language! Thanks for coming.
   Marilyn Dresser, Teacher @ Columbus Elementary in McMinnville, Oregon
Present spoke quickly. One time presentation of Russian words would have been good to have repetition. Great show.
   Seth Ahiborn, Headmaster @ Henderson Intl. School in Henderson, Nevada
Fantastic group. They were here early to set up. Great audience control and interation.
   Tracey Duncan, Teacher @ Coarsegold Elementary in Coarsegold, California

Contact information: email msmirnov@yahoo.com, phone/text (201) 981-2497


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Concert at the Tokeneke School in Darien, Connecticut, March 6th, 2018

Russian dance, song, and music ensemble Barynya led by Russian folk accordion garmoshka player and singer Mikhail Smirnov with Russian Gypsy singer Vasiliy Romani and Ukrainian Cossack dancer Serhiy Tsyganok provided two 45 min performances of Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Russian Gypsy and Jewish songs, music, and dances on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018, 8:45 and 9:45am at the Tokeneke School, 7 Old Farm Rd, Darien, CT 06820. Program of performance included Russian folk song with garmoshka "Subboteya" (Russian: ), Russian folk dance Barynya, Russian song KATYUSHA , COSSACK DANCE, solo on Russian seven string guitar by Vasily "VENGERKA" (), Jewish BOTTLE DANCE, dance of Russian Bear ( ), Russian song "My darling" (¨ M ), Ukrainian folk song and dance PIDMANULA, Russian Tongue-Twister (), RUSSIAN ALPHABET LESSON, Russian folk song "KOROBUSHKA" with the percussian ORCHESTRA consisted of students, Russian folk DANCE LESSON, Russian folk dance KALINKA.

Tokeneke School, 7 Old Farm Rd, Darien, CT 06820, Vasiliy Romani, Mikhail Smirnov, Serhiy Tsyganok
click image above to see full size photo

Smith Middle School, Glastonbury, Connecticut, March 1st, 2018

Russian traditional dance, song, and music ensemble Barynya provided evening performance at the auditorium and instructional component (Russian dance workshop) at the gymnasium on Thursday, March 1st, 2018 during 2018 International Night at the Smith Middle School, 216 Addison Road, Glastonbury, CT 06033. Cast of performers included Simona Zhukovski (dancer), Olga Chpitalnaia (dancer), Russian folk accordion garmoshka player and singer Mikhail Smirnov, and balalaika virtouso Elina Karokhina.

Smith Middle School, Glastonbury, Connecticut, 216 Addison Road, Glastonbury, CT 06033, Simona Zhukovski, Olga Chpitalnaia
Smith Middle School, Glastonbury, Connecticut, dancers Simona Zhukovski, Olga Chpitalnaia

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Contact information: email msmirnov@yahoo.com, phone/text (201) 981-2497

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